Tiffany’s Conversion Story: Miracle of Life, Love and Light – link fixed

by Steve Ray on January 22, 2016

Mother was raised Methodist and my father was raised Catholic but neither were religious when they were married.  They were married by the Justice of the Peace and by God’s grace my sister and I were baptized in a American-Danish Lutheran Church in Minneapolis Minnesota as infants. 

My guess is the decision was more about my grandparents since my great grandfather was from Denmark and my great grand mother was an American Lutheran.    My parents divorced when I was young.  I do recall going to Church a few times before the divorce as a child but I had no idea what it was.  I recall drawing pictures on a piece of paper from the pew and passing them to my sister.  

When my parents divorced I had to live with my father who was atheist.  I had very little to no contact on a yearly basis with my mother until after I had my own children.  Not long after my parents divorce my dad remarried to my step-mom.  She was raised Episcopalian. 

However, the cross of having a severely handicapped child and her first husband abandoning them had reduced her faith to, Why would a “God” who’s loving do this to me?.   Now my dad was not only atheist he was rather resentful and hateful towards Catholics as I recall. 

My religious education growing up consisted of one day when I was around the ages of 10 to 13 years old I recall watching TV and my dad walked in, wanted to talk to me and he even turned off the TV.  He said to me that Jesus was a man who lived a long time ago who gave a lot of people hope.  Then he walked off. 

I was curious about this person though and even took the effort to get up to go find my dad to learn more about this man.  All my dad said to me was that some people thought he was the son of God and then my dad left the house immediately to go somewhere.  I remember standing there alone pondering “Who’s God?”

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Ana Elder January 22, 2016 at 8:40 AM

Would love the rest of the story. Having trouble downloading

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