UNESCO Adds the Baptismal Site of Jesus to the World Heritage Sites

by Steve Ray on February 9, 2016

The location of Jesus's baptism

This is an exciting development which helps establish the authentic baptismal site of Jesus. With the involvement of UNESCO the site will receive protection, funding and recognition. This is the place where the last three popes commemorated the Baptism of Our Lord.

Here are some articles about UNESCO’s decision and about the site: Here, here and here.

My audio of interview with Ave Maria Radio: https://avemariaradio.net/audio-archive/catholic-connection-february-9-2016-hour-2/

The Bible says in John 1:28, “This took place in Bethany beyond the Jordan, where John was baptizing.” The authentic site is just above the northern tip of the Dead Sea, east of Jericho. The actual site is not on the Israel side of the Jordan, but on the Jordan side of the river.

Actual site of Jesus' baptism

Here is a picture of me standing in the exact spot that archaeology, the Bible and early Christians and pilgrims located the spot. The early Christians knew and built churches there to commemorate the site.

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