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Steve at Wittenberg Door in Germany

Martin Luther and the Protestant “Reformation” – or rather, “the Deformation”  Just back from a trip to Martin Luther sites in Germany, Steve Ray discusses the man, his ideas, and his effect on the Church.

(PICTURE: Steve posting “500 Reasons to Be Catholic” on the Wittenberg Door in Wittenberg Germany. To watch the 2-minute video of the event, click here.

Click here to listen or download.

1.  Regarding the “reformers”, Romans 8 sounds like predestination so can Steve please give some clarification on that topic?

2.  In recent times the Pope and others honor Martin Luther? Is the Pope a heretic? How should we respond?

3.  What does it mean for the Church to be “apostolic”? How can I explain it to my Protestant friends who think they have it too?

4.  Why didn’t the Church stop Luther?

5.  The Church was corrupt at the time of the Reformation which is why Luther was able to do what he did, correct?

6.  What is the definition of a heretic? How are Protestants not heretics if they believe what Luther believed?

7.  Did the Catholic theologians of the time argue with Luther, especially defending Apostolic Succession in order to demonstrate that Luther was wrong?


Click HERE to listen to the show. It was fun with some longer answers with some very nice responses…

1) Liberal Critic: How can the Catholic mission be more about feeding the hungry and ending war as opposed to orthodoxy?

2) Sedevacantist: Do we have a higher obligation to follow the Church as it stands than to reject the modern Catholic Church but keep Tradition?

3) Protestant: I heard that all the Jewish prophecies are fulfilled in the Mass and I don’t understand that at all. Can you explain?

4) Generic Protestant: Who do we consider to be in the Church and what happens to non-Catholics when they die?

5) Non-Catholic: Does the pope eat fish on Friday, and if I eat fish, will I be a good Catholic?

6) Generic Protestant: What is the difference between being a Catholic and being a Christian if we believe in the same thing?


Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live Wednesday.

Topic: Scripture & Tradition -and Water & Infant Baptism

Introductory Questions:
Give us an update on filming your new documentary on Elijah and Elisha.

What was the authority accepted by the first Christians?

How is authority in New Testament based on authority in the Old Testament?

Questions Covered:
• 15:04 – Why doesn’t God allow Protestant pastors to consecrate the Eucharist?
• 21:48 – What is the difference between “Believer baptism” and Catholic baptism?
• 29:56 – When and why was the Bible first referred to as the Word of God in the Catholic Church? Doesn’t this promote the heresy of Sola Scriptura?
• 40:37 – Where did the pope get his authority to preach? I know the pope got it from Peter, who got it from Jesus, but then who in the Old Testament did Jesus get his authority?
• 45:54 – Jesus does not mention physical water when he speaks of baptism to the woman at the well and again in John’s Gospel. Why does the Catholic Church require baptism with water? (This got VERY feisty).
• 50:36 – Which scriptures can I use to show a Mormon that the Catholic Church is the only Church given God’s authority?

Resources Mentioned:
• “The Trail of Blood-Baptist Successionism” By Steve Ray
Crossing the Tiber: Evangelical Protestants Discover the Historical Church by Steve Ray
• “Dei Verbum” by Pope Paul VI
The Apostasy That Wasn’t: The Extraordinary Story of the Unbreakable Early Church by Rod Bennett

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