June 2004

Locked Away!

by Steve Ray on June 28, 2004

I have not added a blog entry for awhile because I am locked away in a dark room in Phoenix where it has been over 105 degrees each day with about 3% humidity. We have been slaving 12 hours a day to bring you all the story of St. Paul. Janet and I have been in the edit bay at Skyline Productions working with our great friend and video/DVD producer Joe Reynolds. We are editing 5 weeks of filming down to 90 minutes on DVD. It'll be a great adventure.

The story of Paul, Contending for the Faith goes as follows:
Chapter 1: “Hebrew of Hebrews” from Tarsus to Jerusalem to the death of Stephen.
Chapter 2: “Chosen by God” from Damascus to Arabia to Antioch
Chapter 3: “Running the Race” through Antioch, Neopolis Philippi, Thessalonica, 
                  Beroea, Athens, Corinth and Ephesus.
Chapter 4: “Contending onto Death” from Caesarea to Rome showing the Mamertine
                  Prison, the place of his beheading, the catacombs, his tomb and more.

I fall off a horse, get bit by a snake, flounder in the sea on driftwood, demonstrate a stoning, ride a scooter through Tarsus, sit on an ancient Roman toilet, get “raptured to heaven“ :-) and more fun stuff. This project is tough, but we are still having way to much fun. Thanks to Ignatius Press for making this series possible and for their untiring and enthusiastic support. Keep this project and us humble servants in your prayers.


Jimmy is the Best!

by Steve Ray on June 20, 2004

Jimmy Akin on our back porch with my grandson Dominic Brown.
They are both enjoying their pipes.

If you've never met Jimmy Akin in person, you have missed a treat. You certainly know him from his work with Catholic Answers, especially with his many weekly appearances on Catholic Answers Live. If you've only heard him you probably have the same reaction I had, WOW, what a marvelous mind and who else knows apologetics and theology like this guy? Yeah, and when you meet him in person you have the same question but you also find out he is a delightful friend and marvelously humble and gentle soul.

Last week Jimmy arrived at our house after three days screaming across the country on Amtrack from San Diego to Ann Arbor Michigan. He arrived in cowboy boots, black leather vest, jeans and his cowboy hat. He was downright thin compared to a year ago (you can view all his diet info on his blog). We were so proud of him and so happy to have him stay in our home. We had a group of theologians over for four full days to study Galatians and Romans, with Jimmy leading the study. What a delightful time! It was all recorded and will be edited and eventually offered as a product here on my website and at Catholic Answers.

And if you've ever wondered who is the best and brightest apologist in the country today, you better put Jimmy right up at the top of your list. He is the best and my wife Janet and I are privileged to count him as a friend.  You should visit his websites at www.jimmyakin.com and www.jimmyakin.org. Oh, and by the way, he loves Monk too. Oh, one more thing, to read Jimmy's account of the week, visit his blog at www.jimmyakin.org.


Bravo Bush!

by Steve Ray on June 15, 2004

Bush refuses to proclaim June as Gay Pride Month

Washington, DC, Jun. 14 (LifesiteNews.com/CWN) – Several federal employee homosexual activist groups are gearing up for "gay pride" events despite the recent refusal by President George W. Bush to proclaim June as Gay Pride Month.

The Department of Justice activist group, DOJ Pride, was told by last year by Attorney General John Ashcroft that they would not be allowed to hold any events at all. According to DOJ Pride president Allison Nichol, Ashcroft also canceled the plans of a similar group within the FBI last year. Nichol said her group was considering suing the DOJ. In the past, gay pride events were paid for and hosted by the department.


Falling off Horses

June 6, 2004

Yes, I am exhausted. My wife Janet and I have spent the last four days in Phoenix filming catch-up shots for the Paul video/DVD and doing the “Behind the Scenes” interviews. It was over 110 degrees every day we were there and that alone can sap your strength in no time. But we were working […]

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Michuta vs. White Debate

June 1, 2004

Last week my wife and I took a short vacation and flew to NY to watch the debate between Michuta and White. Gary has been a good friend for a long time and we wanted to give him some moral support. White has jousted in probably hundreds of debates in his lifetime and this was […]

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