Saturday, October 9, 2004

I Would Rather Go to the Dentist

by Steve Ray on October 9, 2004

These are my initial thoughts after the debate and my wife (for the first time in years) disagrees with me. I may change my thoughts in the next day or two and if so I will admit it. 


I hate the dentist but I have to admit that watching the debate tonight I would much rather of had a tooth pulled than watch that painful debate. I must be frank, I detest Kerry and thought he came out looking way too good in this debate. Bush failed to hammer him. For a guy who once owned a baseball team I think he kept bunting when home run pitches. Bush had so many opportunities to slug a homer but he failed to hit the homer and either swung and missed or hit a little pop up.


Bush was on the defense; Kerry on the offense. Bush spent most of his time attacking Kerry’s position while Kerry spent most of his time telling his position and making the people think he really meant it. 


Kerry was eloquent and likable; Bush was stumbling and stiff. I like what Bush said MUCH better but Kerry said things much better. Kerry claimed to be Catholic and as improper as it may sound to say such a thing, I still wish someone would have stood up and slapped him. His waffling and double-talk on the point of abortion at this point emphasized his slick debating ability. Kerry will say anything to get a vote and I hope people see his shallowness and dishonesty.


My estimate is that Kerry will be seen as the winner of the debate but the majority of Americans will still trust and respect Bush more. Even though I think Bush lost the debate on style, he still won because I think many will see through Kerry’s “polish and style” and trust the authentic character of Bush. Bush did better tonight than in the first debate, but not good enough. May God bless America and give Americans wisdom to see through the fluff and dishonesty of Kerry and re-elect a man with basic American and Christian morals — even if he is not the best debater.


Next time let’s get rid of the stupid debate rules and just let these two guys go at each other. It would be much more helpful and Bush could be much more scrappy. The dumb rules stiffle these guys. Give them the gloves next time and let them go at it.


Next week we have another debate and I think I will make an appointment with my dentist during that debate.