Sunday, October 10, 2004

I had some fun today — justice was accomplished

by Steve Ray on October 10, 2004

We live in the country off the beaten track on a dirt road. It is quiet and serene  most of the time but people think our secluded dirt road is their dumping ground and it drives me crazy — not just because it looks terrible, but because of the rudeness and audacity of selfish people who dump their trash for other people to deal with instead of being responsible and disposing of it properly.

Yesterday the sun arose on a whole dumptruck load of trash: rocks, wood, kitchen garbage, old boxes, rotten food, a vacuum AND pizza boxes. PIZZA BOXES! My eyes got wide when I saw them because pizza boxes have addresses and phone numbers on them! I jumped out of my car and waded through the trash (like I always do) and sure enough I found the dingbat’s name, phone number and address.

I gave him a call “Hey Jimmy.” Yeah,” he answered. “I think you lost some trash on my road last night. You had pizza last night, eh? You left your phone and address on the boxes. You are now implicated in a serious crime. I will give you until tomorrow afternoon to come pick it up or I will be taking all your information here to the sheriff.”

After some stuttering and huffing he said, “Hey, I’m sorry. It was my buddy and I will have him out there right away.”

I called again in the morning to remind him and sure enough, a few hours later a dumptruck pulled up and for over an hour they picked up all that nasty trash and hauled it away.

A smile came over my face. I love justice and I hate stupidity and rude selfishness. Every time even a small justice is achieved I have a happy feeling.