The REAL Issue in this Election; Vote TODAY!

by Steve Ray on October 21, 2004

States where you can vote TODAY, click here. For voting details on any state, click here. In some states the vote is so close, and the electorial college so tight, that the election could virtually be lost by a few votes.

I am convinced the most IMPORTANT issue in this election is not taxes nor Iraq; it is not flu vaccines nor Social Security. The REAL issue is the selection of new Supreme Court judges during the next presidency. There will probably be 2-4 new judges appointed to the Supreme Court in the next four years. If these judges are appointed by Kerry it could be a huge disaster that will set legal precident for the next century and beyond.

Bad law (example Row v. Wade) is hard to reverse. It is much easier to keep it from happening in the first place. Vote today and influence the Supreme Court! Help appoint judges who rule on the law and don’t legislate from the bench!

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