What a Great Example

by Steve Ray on October 21, 2004

I received an unsolicited e-mail accusing me of impropiety by criticizing Kerry and promoting Bush on my website. It is a great example of the hatred that is showing itself during this campaign by some liberals. Following are two e-mails this unnamed person sent. In both e-mails this person was too cowardly or ashamed to leave their name. However I did find an e-mail which was csnjk2250@aol.com in case you want to write and try to help the antagonist.

“What exactly are you promoting anyhow?   Is it just church questions? Or are you trying to influence people how to vote?

“STAY OUT OF POLITICS!   You or the Catholic church have absolutely no right
getting involved in this election.   It is a hypocritcal event for the church to
condemn John Kerry!   First of all, life equals life….and the death penalty is no
exception!   So when you all endorse the current phony president….you verify
the hypocrisy the church has been practicing for how many years?   Case in point
how dare the priests, bishops, etc. receive holy communion,  after the filty
underhanded, hypocritical way they  abused children!!  This is reason for excommunication! 
“ATONE FOR YOUR SINS, AND QUIT GIVING OPINIONS ABOUT JOHN KERRY AND CASTING STONES!    He and he alone is accountable to God!    NOT YOU AND THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.      Bug off, and show some restrain, stay out of politics!!!“
Steve’s Comment:
I am not a tax exempt entity, nor am I an employee of the Church. I have every freedom and right to promote any candidate on my website. I guess our irate and unnamed antagonist doesn’t realize that.


“You are exactly what I thought you were….one big lousy creep!
You are the kind that goes to demonstrations, and hurt people for no reason!
You are a creep, and use your religion as a shield!
You have no brains!   You pick a president that is ignorant just like you!
Hypocrites is what you all are.   You wouldn’t know truth if it hit you in the face ! 
Idiot, don’t try to pass your false ideas!       Weirdos use web-sites!  That’s you!“
Steve’s Comment:
This certainly needs no comment. Just sad and a bit humorous. By the way, I have not gone to any demonstrations, nor do I recall hurting anyone. I tried to reason with this person but they have blocked my e-mail address — typical of such people. My guess is this poor soul has been hurt by someone and has not been able to deal with it in a constructive and redemptive manner. May the Lord heal him or her and have mercy on their soul.

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