A Beautiful Movie

by Steve Ray on November 7, 2004

Last night we watched a movie that brought tears to my eyes and laughs from my heart. It was a story of redemption, speaking the truth, repentance and penance, love and anger between brothers, pride and humility and good works. In content and vision it is a marvelous Catholic movie.

The movie stars the gentle and contemplative Richard Farnsworth and is a true story called “The Straight Story” about an old farmer named Alvin Straight who drives his lawn mower 300 miles to Wisconsin to visit his estranged brother. Along the way he helps a lost teen, a war vet, bares his heart to a priest, and has many heartwarming adventures. He reconciles with his brother in a very moving scene in which next to no words are spoken. It is a movie about family and forgiveness.

You can rent it from Netflix or buy it at Amazon. It’s not your typical Hollywood movie; this is the real thing in my opinion.

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