Thursday, November 18, 2004

Rome and Sick

by Steve Ray on November 18, 2004

Our last two days in Rome were spent with friends. We met three American priets who approached us having seen our Mary video on EWTN. They were from Alaska, Missouri, and Ohio. Good guys! Then our friend Max invited us to dinner at Castle Gondalfo where the Pope vacations. It was here also where our kids’ marriages was blessed by the Pope duri a pouring rain over two years ago.

Monday evening we met a seminarian from our Diocese of Lansing named Mathias Thelen. What a great guy and what a great priest he will be some day. He saw on my schedule page that we would be in Rome and we arranged dinner at our favorite restaurant Mario’s la Pilotta. Mathias is developing into a good apologist which has become a passion of his. Bravo Mathias!

Tuesday, on the flight from Rome to Amsterdam, I got sick (something I ate I think), so we arranged a new flight from Amsterdam to Detroit for tomorrow (Wed) and my good wife holed up with me in an Amsterdam hotel (where I am writing and sending this on my HP iPAQ handheld). I slept it off, ate a few bites tonight before bed and Lord willing will be well and home tomorrow afternoon.

On Thursday morning I will be discussing the Roman churches of Sts. Peter and Paul on the feast day of the dedication of the churches. The show will be on Teresa Tomeo’s show at 8:30 AM EST. Whew!