Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Thirty Years in Business

by Steve Ray on December 1, 2004

My son Jesse now runs my company for me along with a marvelous staff. We clean offices in the Detroit area and have about 500 employees. He asked me to write a short note for our December newletter and this is what I wrote:

Looking Back and Looking Forward
Looking over our shoulders, there is no doubt that 2004 was a trying, yet rewarding year. We continued to grow and gain customer loyalty while at the same time losing most of our Pfizer account due to their huge budget cuts and a low bid situation. But sales keep coming in and the staff has gelled into the smoothest working team imaginable – a joy to watch. Our General Manager Paul Aska this year retired and Carrie Lane and the management team have stepped up to more than fill the gap — with great skill and class I might add. My son Jesse, who has been working with me since he was eight years old, has made me proud with his enthusiasm and teamwork as he begins to share the reins. Overall, it has been a good year.
And looking ahead we see a huge milestone. In 2005 we will celebrate our 30th anniversary in business, which is certainly something to celebrate.  In 1975 I started this company with a $5 investment — a used Hoover vacuum purchased at a garage sale — prayer, and homemade business cards. You can read the whole story on our website. Over the next months as I collect and compile the pictures and memorabilia of our company history for this exciting event, we will also be looking to the future with the goal of the family business continuing to grow in both size and prestige. With such a solid foundation and successful track record and seasoned team of professionals, we are looking forward to the next thirty years with confidence and anticipation.
Merry Christmas to all the wonderful employees, customers and partners who have made this dream a reality over the years and may we share many more Christmas seasons and New Years together.