Tuesday, April 26, 2005

“The Lord Gives, the Lord Takes Away . . .

by Steve Ray on April 26, 2005

. . . Blessed be the Name of the Lord”

Just to let you know that our two weeks of excitement ended today when the doctor confirmed my wife Janet did have a miscarriage. They said it was better than a 50% chance in women under 16 and over 40.

Knowing the risk of miscarriage, we should have probably waited until after the first trimester to announce the pregnancy. But I have never been good at keeping a secret and we were pretty excited.

We baptized the tissue that could have been him though there was nothing recognizable and we buried it in our backyard with a cross reading “JJ Ray, a priest forever!“

So, we are at peace about it, Janet is healthy and needs no further medical attention and we will be open to new life in the future. We expect that upon reaching heaven some day we will be greeted by a handsome young man named JJ Ray who will have gotten a headstart at glory — beating us to the vision of Our Lord.

Thanks for your prayers and concerns. Now we are on to other adventures in the Kingdom of God!