Conversion Stories Galore!

by Steve Ray on May 6, 2005

Conversion Stories Galore!  

Many people don't realize that my website has a wealth of Conversion Stories from every conceivable background into the Catholic Church. Some are short and others are very long and detailed. I also have links to other web pages with additional conversion stories.

You can now read our FIVE latest stories:

1) Monty's Story: From Assemblies of God to Catholic. Click here.

2) The “Catholic Warrior's” story is a long and interesting story of an Iraqi War veteran whose mom was a Holiness Pentecostal and whose dad was a 4th generation Mormon. Click here.

3) Jeffrey's Story: A Retired Navy Chief: “The Soul in Not Just a Metaphysical Idea”. Click here.

4) How a Jewish Girl From Temple Judea Ended up A Catholic Woman at Holy Family. For this story under construction, click here.

5) God is Sneaky! Bonnie's story from Lutheran to Catholic. Click here.

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