Monday, June 13, 2005

Where’s the War?

by Steve Ray on June 13, 2005

Friends or Foes? Is this Iraq? No, too green. Is it Sudan? No, to humid. Give up?

It is Michigan and the war is between a bunch of good friends mostly from Christ the King Catholic parish here in Ann Arbor. It is our monthly Paintball Wars. Twenty guys covered with welts and splattered paint of various colors creeping through woods and swamps, swatting mosquitos and wiping sweat from our goggles.

The first picture shows 4 out of the 20: my son-in-law Ben Brown, my son Jesse, my daughter Charlotte's boyfriend Mike, and me. The second picture is Ben and Jesse. The pictures were taken before we were covered with blood, mud and paint. One guy in the group is a marine who is shipping to Iraq in July. He was pretty darn good in the woods!

One game variation is called President. One guy is president who could walk, not run and any hit would kill him. He had 6 guards. You could only kill them by hitting them in the head. There are about 13 assassins who try to kill the president before he reached the big oak between the two creeks in the middle of the forest. Great fun!

After the war of the worlds was over the grill was lit and my son Jesse treated everyone to hotdogs and bratwurst. We're now ready for the end time! Let 'em come!