Thursday, June 16, 2005

Women Ordaining Themselves

by Steve Ray on June 16, 2005

Nine Women Activists Fantasize they will Ordain Themselves in “International Waters” of the St. Lawrence

OTTAWA, June 8, 2005 ( – Nine women activists, eight American and one Canadian, have announced that on July 25 they will conduct their own “ordination” ceremony on a boat on the St. Lawrence River. The location, in the belief that their action would be of any interest to the local Catholic Church, was picked as ecclesiastically neutral territory of “international waters.”

Feminists have long contended that the Catholic priesthood is an office of political power in the world from which they are unjustly excluded. Their longstanding efforts to have women ordained, have fallen off the map of issues important to most Catholics. In most cases, the supporters of women’s ordination want the Church to endorse the full roster of demands of the sexual revolution; abortion, homosexuality, contraception, divorce et al. . . . .

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(The attached picture is not portraying the actual women, but gives the idea.)