Catholics on the Court

by Steve Ray on September 19, 2005

Bush's nominee as next US Chief Justice, John Roberts, is a practicing Catholic. Peggy Noonan remarked yesterday on EWTN that some Democrats are now questioning whether Mr. Roberts, as a practicing Catholic, could sit on the US Supreme Court, because he might be "too conservative!"

If John Roberts is confirmed, he will be the 4th Catholic on the US Supreme Court — 4 out of a theoretical nine (now seven) justices. The other Catholics are Scalia, Thomas, and Kennedy. The death of Rehnquist has left the "conservative" wing of the US Supreme Court entirely Catholic. (Incidentally, Rehnquist, though a Lutheran, faithfully attended Washington DC's annual Red Mass). Two other US Supreme Court justices — Breyer and Ginsburg– are Jewish.

That's 6 non-Protestants out of a theoretical 9! And, what if the other Supreme Court nominee, still unannounced, will also be a Catholic (which is highly likely, since the buzz is that Bush might appoint a Hispanic)? That would make 5 Catholics out of nine.

Who said that the US is a Protestant country? A Christian country, certainly, but not necessarily a Protestant one. Let's just pray all these Catholics live up to their noble heritage!

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