Sorry for Delay; Filming David-Solomon

by Steve Ray on November 21, 2005

I am so sorry! I have not updated the blog as I had hoped—but you must be merciful. 

We have been working from well before sun up to well after sun down and when we finally finish shooting at each location and return to the hotel, we all drop into bed as though we were dead.

Then, when I did have time the internet connection was poor and would not allow me on my site. The computers at Notre Dame Center had such strict internet protection they would not even allow me to access my own blog!!!!

We have filmed with camels, donkeys, sheep, and many rude people. I have climbed mountains, been up to my hips in underground rivers, cut off Goliath’s head, and been evacuated from a location because of fire. We have been mobbed by a group of teenagers, bitten by a camel, and have seen miracles of God every day. It has been an incredible filming trip and our upcoming video/DVD on David & Solomon should be our best product yet.

This video will open a new world to many Catholics who do not understand the Old Testament and how crucial it is to understanding the New Testament and the Church. David is a picture of Christ and his life not only helps us understand Jesus, but it also give the essential background to understanding Jesus and the whole Catholic Church. We hope that people will better understand and love their faith after this rollicking adventure.

This is a picture of me demonstrating a sling like David used to kill Goliath and I am actually standing in the very stream where David picked up his stones in the Elah Valley between the two mountains. I also found a real slingstone in the Cave of Adullam where David was hiding from King Saul. Also found lots of ancient pottery pieces.

David hid in the mountains of Engedi. Engedi means the mountains of the Goats and we were even able to capture footage of the horned Ibex goats that hop around the sides of the mountain. Engedi is one of the most beautiful places in Israel with waterfalls and steep mountainsides with animals to enliven the video. I think everyone will love this location and learn much about the Psalms and our Lord at the same time.

Yesterday we finished shooting every scene in the script. Today is the first day to catch our breath and catch up. Our video crew left for home at 2 AM. Joe Reynolds and the Skyline Production crew were superb. They were not only absolute pro’s, they are also team players and very great to work with.

Janet and I have the day in Jerusalem to wrap up loose ends before heading to Rome tomorrow to begin research there for our next video and to set up a Rome pilgrimage for 2007.

I will be posting lots of pictures as soon as we get back and again start keeping the blog updated each day. Anxious to get back home and back in touch!

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