December 2005

We Finally Saw Narnia!

by Steve Ray on December 31, 2005

Janet and I, along with our youngest daughter Emily finally slowed down enough to see The Chronicals of Narnia yesterday afternoon. We loved the movies and were delighted with the way the story was relayed. I have great praise for Disney for making this movie and keeping it faithful to the book. I hope they produce more movies like this — especially the remaining volumes in the Narnia series.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, run out and see it on the big screen. I've already ordered it on DVD (it will be shipped as soon as it is available) but to see it on the big screen is spectacular — especially the battle scene and the death and resurrection of Aslan.

However, we did have a few complaints. First, the voice of Aslan was not right. It should have been a deeper, richer voice — more royal and elegant. Also, he should have roared more :-)

Second, they left out my favorite line in the whole story, at least my paraphrase of it — “Remember the deeper magic from before the dawn of time.“  I used to have that line on all my business cards.

The Deep Magic, the Law of Narnia stated, as the Witch clearly explained “that every traitor belongs to me as my lawful prey and that for every trechery I have a right to kill.“

So, the traitor Edmond belonged to the Witch. But Aslan, as a willing victim, died in Edmond's place and after coming back to life he explained to to Lucy and Susan:

“The Witch knew the Deep Magic, but there is a magic deeper still which she did not know. Her knowledge goes back only to the dawn of Time. But if she could have looked a little further back, into the stillness and the darkness before Time dawned, she would have read there a different incantation. She would have known that when a willing victim who has committed not reachery was killed in a traitor's stead, the Table would crack and Death itself would start working backwards.”

What a marvelous movie! Another in a line of marvelous Catholic/Christian films to grace the usually banal and crude screens of America. The Passion of the Christ, The Lord of the Rings, and now Narnia. (Make sure to see the recent Ninth Day too, now out on DVD.)

If you've not seen it, run out today before its off the big screen; if you have seen it, take some friends and family and go see it again. And after you do — do what C.S. Lewis would have done — stop in at your local pub and discuss the Deeper Magic from before the Dawn of Time.


Assistance from Muslim Nations?

by Steve Ray on December 31, 2005

A Catholic Look at Society, Culture and Politics

(My note: Notice the comments on how much assistance was given by the United States and especially by Catholic Relief Services and how little assistance was given by rich Muslim countries. It says a lot about the perspective of each religion. Emphasis in red is my own.)

Deal W. Hudson

In This Issue: Muslim Nation Honors Catholics for Tsunami Relief

Indonesia has a sad history of anti-Christian discrimination and violence. But the same nation — in a gesture of historic significance — has honored Catholic Relief Services (CRS) for its ongoing Tsunami relief effort.CRS has completed the first year of a five-year $188 million rehabilitation effort to help more than 600,000 people affected by the devastation. Over $28 million has already been spent. The total amount pledged by the United States government through USAID is $400 million.

Bishop Robert N. Lynch, CRS Board Chairman, and Ken Hackett, president of CRS since 2003, attended the event.

The ceremony was held on December 20 in the city of Banda Aceh at the opening of a hospital for woman and children built by CRS.

Marc Barhonovich, a friend and advisor to Bishop Lynch, attended the ceremony and told the Window, “The work of CRS has fundamentally affected the attitude toward the West and toward Catholics in this part of Indonesia.” The people in Aceh now view them “as friends, not enemies.”

Banda Aceh is the capital of the special territory of Aceh, on the northern tip of the island of Sumatra. Aceh was at the epicenter of last December’s tsunami, losing over 133,000 of its 4,271,000 inhabitants to the tidal waves. 37,000 are still missing.

Aceh is the most religiously conservative part of Indonesia which is 87 percent Muslim.

Governor Azwar Abubakar gave the award to Catholic Relief Services — the first time a Muslim nation, to our knowledge, has honored either a Catholic organization or bishop.Indonesia’s record of intolerance and violence against both Catholics and Protestants is well known and documented, especially against the majority Catholic territory of East Timor, which was annexed in 1975.

Bahronovich was told by Muslims who attended the ceremony that they had received little aid from Muslim nations. One person told him, “We have not received much help from our own people.”

Also, to his surprise, several Muslims expressed gratitude for the presence of the United States military, which has been present with food and aid from the very beginning.

John Klink was a regional director for CRS in Thailand, Morocco, and Yemen before going to the United Nations as a diplomat for the Holy See. Klink confirmed for The Window the significance of this honor: “The Indonesian people in the past have seen the West try to impose its decadent practices, such as abortion on demand. CRS has shown them a completely different side of the Western world, one that helps them to live their lives on their own terms. This is something they have never seen before.”

In the aftermath of the tsunami, Catholic Relief Services provided massive amounts of emergency food and health care but has remained in Aceh to help rebuild its infrastructure. Road, bridges, wells, houses, hospitals, and bus stations are being rebuilt. 2,260 bridges were destroyed along with 1,165 miles of roads. People are being put back to work through small business grants and job training. Schools have been rebuilt — 2,135 were destroyed or damaged — and the necessary equipment, uniforms, and teacher training are being supplied.

On the island of Pulo, where 2000 of its 6900 inhabitants were killed, CRS cleaned up the harbor for its fishing and shipping industry.

The presence of Western relief groups like CRS has had the ancillary effect of bringing at least a temporary halt to the ongoing war between the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) and the government of Indonesia. Barhonovich reports that since the peace treaty of August 15, the citizens have been happily walking the streets without fear.

Interestingly, what gives the separatist movement its leverage over the central government is that Aceh is thought to have untapped gas and oil reserves equal to any in the world. “Special territory” is the administrative designation intended to give Aceh some autonomy from the central government in Jakarta.

Catholics themselves, though few in number, were also hit by the unexpected earthquake and tidal waves. In the middle of Banda Aceh stands the single Catholic parish, Sacred Heart, in the entire territory. Founded in 1925 by Dutch missionaries, Sacred Heart lost 25 of its 400 members.

The parish structure was badly damaged by the surging water that rose 26 feet over its walls. And the entire congregation could have been killed if the pastor, Franciscan Father Ferdinando Seferi, has not been celebrating Mass elsewhere on December 26.

For more information on CRS’s tsunami relief to donate, go to

The Window is published by the Morley Institute for Church & Culture. For the latest Catholic news, the Window recommends the Catholic News Agency. Click here to visit their site.

Email: Phone: 202-775-1150.


Fake Priests

by Steve Ray on December 30, 2005

My friend Ed Peters, canon lawyer, has written about a recent case of a man impersonating a priest. He writes: 

Fox News reports that a fake priest served for several months in the diocese of Linz (Austria) before being discovered as a fraud. He has since left the area. Of course, imposters can infiltrate any organization, and the trust that Catholics extend to their clergy can be abused. But the incident raises a few questions.

To answer the questions raised and to read other reviews of interesting recent canon law issues, click here.


Soldiers in the Airport

December 28, 2005

You may have already seen this commercial, but even after seeing it several times myself, it still makes me stop and wish I was there so I could clap too. Click here for a short video.

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30,000 in Bethlehem

December 26, 2005

Bethlehem Seeing More Pilgrims BETHLEHEM, West Bank, DEC. 25, 2005 ( Bethlehem enjoyed a sizable influx of Christmas pilgrims from around the world. Some 30,000 people — 10,000 more than last year — arrived to commemorate the birth of Jesus, the largest turnout since Palestinian-Israeli fighting broke out in September 2000. At Midnight Mass on […]

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Merry Christmas from Bethlehem

December 24, 2005

Janet and I have been to Bethlehem several times this year (3 or 4 times — I lose count). We want to share Christmas greetings with you from the place of Our Lord's birth. We had the wonderful opportunity of taking 50 pilgrims into Bethlehem a few months ago. I watched  their emotion and wonder as […]

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If you haven’t seen this movie . . .

December 24, 2005

. . . run out and find a copy and watch it. I finally had a chance to watch it last night — and I highly recommend it. It is a tough movie to watch at times and it is in German with English subtitles — but it was exceptional. I will watch it again this week. The […]

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Afraid to say “Merry Christmas”

December 23, 2005

Everywhere I go nowadays I hear “Happy Holidays!“ And everywhere I go I say “Merry Christmas” with an emphasis on Christ-mas. People usually respond back with a big smile and quickly say “Merry Christmas.” It's as though they're afraid to offend someone. When I say “Merry Christmas” it's like they sudden they received the secret handshake which allows […]

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Great Bumper Sticker

December 23, 2005

You can purchase your own by clicking on the bumper sticker below.

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Christmas Letter from My Son Jesse and his wife Anna

December 20, 2005

My daughter-in-law Anna Ray just sent a colorful family Christmas letter full of delightful pictures of our grandkids. Fun to read, especially if your last name is Ray :-)  If you decide to see it, it is a large pdf file, so give it a minute to load.

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Dave Amstrong Asks for Prayer

December 19, 2005

Many of you know my good friend and fellow apologist David Armstrong. He is well known by his books and his excellent website. His dad has cancer and Dave has written a letter to explain the situation and to ask for prayer. You can read the letter here. While praying for Dave Armstrong, remember another […]

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Exciting Shoot with the Lion

December 16, 2005

Well, we finally did our video shoot with the Lion. We were quite excited to find out Kenya the Lion was the face on all the Narnia advertisements and was the model for the computerized lion in the movie. Anyway, we drove back into the mountains near Valencia California and met with the trainers at […]

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Kenya the Lion

December 14, 2005

  Today we are heading out to the Friendly Jungle in southern California to film two sequences with Kenya the huge male lion (see picture). These shots will be used in our David/Solomon and our Fathers of the Church projects. We have Kenya for 8 hours and I will post pictures and a report as […]

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Advantages of Marriage

December 12, 2005

This weekend's edition of Zenit had an interesting article entitled Making Room for Same-Sex Marriages. In it, one of Britain's most senior former judges, Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss commented that the advantages of marriage were now "not sufficiently trumpeted." What are the advantages of marriage? Zenit continued: “Some of these advantages [of marriage] were highlighted in a study […]

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New Photos

December 10, 2005

I have added new photos at the bottom of my Home Page. Notice especially the picture of the rainbow over Bethlehem (click on the small image to see it larger). I rented a flock of sheep outside Bethlehem and we were filming our “shepherd segment.” It was a magic moment and the rainbow hung there for over an […]

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Deep in the Bowels . . .

December 10, 2005

. . . of the edit bay out here in Phoenix Arizona, Janet and I are working on the post-production of our next video/DVD David & Solomon: Expanding the Kingdom. We are searching for and adding art, chosing musical selections, creating maps, recording my voice-overs, and working with all the scenes we shot in Israel last month.  […]

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