Books on Evidence for Jesus

by Steve Ray on February 1, 2006

For Those who Heard Steve on Relevant Radio with Drew Mariani
Here are the Promised Books about the Historical Evidence for Jesus

The Evidence for Jesus by R. T. France
The Historical Jesus: Ancient Evidence for the Life of Christ by Gary Habermas
Ancient Evidence for the Life of Jesus: Historical Records of His Death and Resurrection by Gary Habermas
Jesus Outside the New Testament: An Introduction to the Ancient Evidence by Robert Van Voorst
The Evidence for Jesus by James Dunn

For a website dealing with the ancient evidence, visit Christian Origins. If anyone knows other books or a good Catholic source, let me know.

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Ordinary Catholic June 30, 2010 at 10:24 AM

Dear Sir,
When Jesus Christ dying on the Cruz, his divinity was also die or only the his humanity who suffered and dying on the Cruz?

Thank you….. and God Bless to you….

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