Monday, April 24, 2006

St. Mark: Very Important, yet Very Unknown

by Steve Ray on April 24, 2006

St. Mark: Very Important, Yet Relatively Unknown
Feast Day – April 25

Mark.jpg"His voice boomed over the crowds in Rome as they had all around the Empire. The large fisherman was aging but his voice was still filled with intensity and conviction. The thronging crowds listened with curiosity.

      "Rome was the hub of the civilized world and Peter preached the message of a Jewish rabbi named Jesus from the far away country of Israel. Many in the crowd had believed in Jesus and had become part of this new society called the Church—the Church of which Peter was the acknowledged head. Standing at his side was his fellow-worker and secretary John Mark……"


For the whole story, click here.  For the story of Peter and Rome filmed on location, click here.


The Bible & Alaska

by Steve Ray on April 24, 2006



New! Born Again? Faith Alone?

by Steve Ray on April 24, 2006

Born Again?  Faith Alone?  What Must I Do To Be Saved? 
By Steve Ray  
Audio CD only

Baptism 315-4 sm.jpgAs a Protestant, Steve attacked Catholics with questions like "Are you Born Again?" and "Why do you use Sacraments for salvation when the Bible says you should be saved by Faith Alone?"

Steve takes you on a biblical journey to show why the Protestant traditions are wrong in their understanding of being "born again" and "salvation by faith alone." Steve goes all the way back to Abraham to show that we are saved by faith and obedience and all the Christ demands of us.

In one of his most energetic talks, Steve tells the story with great energy humor and doctrinal depth.

Apologist Gary Michuta wrote, "This is probably the best talk I've heard on being born again and on salvation. You were at your best!"