Saturday, May 27, 2006

Upcoming Pilgrimage FULL!

by Steve Ray on May 27, 2006

000 Pilgrimage Sepulchre sm.jpg
Our June Pilgrimage is FULL!
Our luxury bus is Ready– we're set to go!

But, there are still seats available in March 2007.

E-mail Connie Goode at Corporate Travel or call her at at 800-727-1999 ext. 121 or 150, or 313-565-8888 ext 121 or 150.  Watch our Pilgrimage website.

Rome Pilgrimage Oct 2007; Catholic Scripture Study Pilgrimage coming November 2007! Sign up quick — they will fill up fast.


What Am I?

by Steve Ray on May 27, 2006

I was a child of the flame
and often did I kill and maim,
Against God's chosen people fought,
destruction to my owner brought.
I spent some years among the priests
and there no doubt was used the least.
I joined a fugitive to flee,
A man some people called crazy.
Thus God I finally did slave for,
though use for me he has no more.
I was a giant in my time
but surely things will be just fine
if I should surface never more
as moth and rust such things rule o'er.

What am I?

Write to me if you need help.