Bob Sungenis and the Jews

by Steve Ray on September 13, 2006

It is almost irrelevant to post this since most Catholics have forgotten who Bob Sungenis is after his career's precipitice fall. He has orchestrated his own irrelevance, which is why this post is almost a waste of time.

Though he was very talented and effective at biblical apologetics, he has since become marginalized and ignored for diving into issues in which he has no expertise. Unhappily he seems to have an uncanny knack for falling off the horse on the wrong side. It is sad to see talent and gifts go up in flames.

I've shared the stage with Bob at conferences and at one time had great respect for him. I even wrote a long endorsement for one of his books. His fall has saddened me greatly.

Anyway, I post this new web site for those who remember him and lament his fall. This website was written by many of Bob's former supporters including my friend David Palm.  I haven't read it but pass it along for others to judge for themselves. If Bob writes a rebuttle, I will provide the link.

Click here to view Bob Sungenis and the Jews.

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