Non-denominational Bible Studies–Catholics Shusssshhh!

by Steve Ray on September 23, 2006

Ecumenical  or  Non-denominational Bible Studies–
Catholics R Welcome (if they keep quiet–shussshhh!)

BibleStudyGroup.jpgHow many Catholics have innocently accepted a friendly invitation to a "non-denominational or ecumenical Bible study."

How many Catholics have then been enticed and misled in these studies — which are often used to "evangelize" Catholics?

Many people ask me about Protestant Bible studies, so I decided to write an article explaining the problems and why I discourage Catholics from attending.

CSS Logo.bmpTo find out why Catholics are welcome to join Protestant Bible studies as long as they stay quiet, click here to read my full article.

To find a real Catholic Bible Study (CSSP) in your area — or to start one with all the material and training provided –click here.

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