Last Minute: Catholic Answers Live Tonight

by Steve Ray on December 12, 2006

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The scheduled guest for Catholic Answers had to drop out at the last minute, so I am filling in tonight at 6 PM Eastern time. It will be an Open Line Q & A — so please fill up the phone bank with easy questions — OK?  :-)

Actually I look forward to joining Jerry Usher on the show tonight and helping to promote and explain the Catholic faith. For more information, or to listen to the show on Real Audio or Podcast, click here.

After the show you can still listen through the internet as Steve answer the following questions:

1) Can an excommunicated Bishop actually consecrate other bishops? (blogged my answer2) Is a vasectomy equally sinful with an abortion? 3)  What happens to the body and soul after death and on the final judgment? 4) If we are in the state of grace when we die or when Christ returns, do we still go to Purgatory–what is Purgatory? 5) How should I relate to my 84 year old mother who is moving away from the faith? 6) How can I explain to a Protestant that we can pray to saints? how do I explain the importance of the Rosary? 7) Can people of other religions or no religion get to heaven (CCC 847)?

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