What Am I?

by Steve Ray on January 8, 2007

Sherlock.jpgMy purpose was the worst of all, and for this purpose I stood tall.
God made me healthy and alive, but Satan used me when I'd died.
I'm often so misunderstood, I never tried to do but good.
But after I was brought down low, I would only to evil go.
Without me men would live in vain, could not eternal life attain.
I was the center one of three, and a great witness came from me.
I never meant a soul to harm. Perhaps I would have kept one warm.
But life is cruel, my time is past. My good will evil deeds outlast.
I won't eternal life attain. But never say I lived in vain.
You can be sure my line will last, till this systems long been past.

Answer: John 19:17; Philippians 2:8

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