Sunday, February 4, 2007

Lots of Baptists

by Steve Ray on February 4, 2007

I met a LOT of Baptists this weekend–actually, I should say they were Baptists. They came up to me one after another after another telling me their stories and beaming with excitement. and Chapin South Carolina. But there were plenty of Protestants attending the talks too. I met several who were checking things out and very interested.

Carolinas.jpgThere were so many converts to the Catholic Church there is no way we could have talked with them all. Some had fathers who were Baptist ministers, one was Pentecostal pastor (he was a riot, shouting "Amen" during my talk), and one man who came into the Church recently who had been the Adult Sunday School teacher at the Baptist church. I was SO blessed to meet all these great converts.

I gave two talks in Charlotte North Carolina and four talks in Chapin SC–four talks in a row. It was a good thing it was the Feast Day of St. Blaise who is the Patron Saint of Thoats!

This was certainly Protestant Country. I was told that the Catholic population was between 2-4% but these Catholics are on fire, learning to defend the faith, and very much in love their Lord and His Church.

One of the great things about this trip was seeing our good friends Tom and Gail Buckley again. Gail is the founder and Executive Director of Catholic Scripture Study International (1-866-887-2774) which provides excellent Bible Study materials for parishes and other study groups. They were so hospitable to us! We stayed at their beautiful home and they took us out for two delicious dinners. Thanks so much Tom and Gail!

We also met Jim and Penny Atkinson who will be going with us to Israel in March. They drove us all the way to Chapin and back from Charlotte. Greg Wiegold was great and all the helpers were extraordinary. I wish I could mention everyone by name, but I ask God to bless them all for their good works and charity.