Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Do Sacraments Need Digestive Juices?

by Steve Ray on February 6, 2007

Stomach.jpgAt a recent conference I mentioned that faith is like digestive juice. If I eat a nice dinner but have no digestive juices, the food goes in and out without doing me any good. I suggested that sacraments are similar. If we come to the sacraments without faith, with the improper disposition, they also fail to produce the fruit in us that God intended.

A listener asked her friend to contact me with the following question: Can you ask Steve to clarify something he said about Baptism? He talked about Baptism being somehow dependent on the faith of the one being baptized. Maybe I misunderstood him? I don’t think it’s proper to speak about Baptism in “receptionist” terms but maybe I’m missing something?

You can read my answer here.