Fish on Fridays – Why?

by Steve Ray on February 21, 2007

Fish.jpgDid the Pope make eating fish on Fridays a rule to help the Italian fish industry? Come on, don't tell me you haven't heard that one! I did when I was a Protestant and I passed this "factoid" on to others as though it were a proven fact.

(Picture of Steve with an Amnun fish — St. Peter's fish — he caught in the Sea of Galilee.)

I was just on Searching the Word with Chuck Neff on Relevant Radio and John called in saying his Protestant friends told him eating fish on Fridays was originally begun to help the fish industry in Italy. Is it true?

There is no way I could do a better job on this one than Jimmy Akin did, so I refer you to his wonderful blog. He also says what I did — if someone claims that the Pope instituted the eating of fish on Fridays to help the fish industry — then tell that person to prove it! What documents can they produce? What you will find is that a rumor got started and refuses to die. Shame on people who continue to hand on unfounded rumors.

Click here to read Jimmy Akin's excellent response to that unfounded and silly claim. Make sure to read all the interesting comments under the blog too!

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