A Prominent New Convert (Re-vert) to the Catholic Church

by Steve Ray on May 4, 2007

Dr. Francis Beckwith Returns To Full Communion With The Church, as written my good friend Jimmy Akin on his blog (UPDATE: You can read Dr. Beckwith's explanation here.)

Dr. Francis Beckwith, the president of the Evangelical Theological Society, as become Catholic. Dr. Beckwith was raised Catholic but became an Evangelical Protestant in youth. After a review of Catholic theology and its basis, however, he has been reconciled with the Church.

I recently learned of Dr. Beckwith's intention to pursue reconciliation. Apparently my own humble writings were of use to him in his journey, and he was kind enough to say so. In view of the sensitivity of the situation, however, I of course agreed to refrain from making the matter publicly known. He also was kind enough to let me know just before he went to the sacrament of reconciliation.

Last night I received a note from Dr. Beckwith indicating that the matter had become public, and so I would like to offer warm felicitations regarding his return to full communion with the Church.

The source through which the matter was made public happened to be James White's blog, and as you can imagine, Mr. White is not happy.

To read the whole story on Jimmy's blog, click here.

For his blog, click VISIT RIGHT REASON and here for DR. BECKWITH'S HOME PAGE.

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