Dr. Beckwith Explains His Conversion to Catholicism

by Steve Ray on May 6, 2007

Dr. Francis Beckwith's Announcement of his Return to Full Communion with the Catholic Church

Beckwith.jpgSince he is (was) the President of the Evangelical Theological Society many of his associates are not happy. But Dr. Beckwith has now told the world that he and his family believe the fullness of the faith resides with the Roman Catholic Church. You can read his announcement here.

The hundreds of comments posted on his blog in response are very interesting.

I posted a message on his blog — "Dear Dr. Beckwith: Welcome home. You are not the first to cross the Tiber, you won't be the last; you are in good company!" 

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Herdian Aprilani May 21, 2007 at 4:48 AM

Reversion to the Catholic Church among her members, especially among those who have now occupied preeminent positions in their walks of life, both in the United States and elsewhere, is something for which we, as Catholics, need to be truly grateful and about which the people who are used to be, or not yet, Catholics need to give serious thoughts.
My reception into the Catholic Church (as someone from Muslim background) last Christmas (2006) can be called, in a sense, an act of reversion. For it was the Catholic Church that I had in mind when I wanted to become a Christian, yet, mostly through ignorance of my own, and partly because of lack of good testimony from the Catholics around me, I was baptised in one of the evangelical (international) churches in my country, and, as a consequence, I’m presently still, though soon no longer, working for its interests!
Dr. Beckwith’s reversion to the Catholic Church hopefully will ignite some spark of interest in, and appreciation to, the Church among her dormant members, and will give conviction and comfort among her faithful members who are currently being tempted, from within or without, to question their belief in her teachings, which were truly received from Jesus her Lord, were faithfully handed down by the apostles, are carefully guarded by her present adherents, and will be mightily protected until the end of the age by The Holy Spirit, in whose inspiration she proclaims the truth to the whole world.

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