Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rick from Iraq: Gravy and Grace

by Steve Ray on June 12, 2007

Rick is currently serving with our troops in Iraq. He was kind enough to take time to send us his conversion story.

His mom was Catholic; his dad was Baptist. He was raised Episcopalian as a compromise. Now he is solidly and vocally Catholic. What a great guy with an interesting story.

Click here to read "Gravy and Grace."


Two Women in the News

by Steve Ray on June 12, 2007

1) After a day in jail, Paris Hilton says she has found God — she is now spiritual and won't act dumb any more. Hum. I hope so, but . . . hum.   For Karl Keating's witty comments on Hilton, click here.

2) I also want to go on record predicting that Hillary Clinton will be our next president and Bill Clinton will be our next "first lady." I didn't say I liked it, just that I predict this misfortune will actually befall us. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm betting I'm right.