Death of a Sister

by Steve Ray on June 19, 2007

gayeLim.jpgJanet and I have done apologetics work in the Philippines on four separate trips. We always visit the beautiful city of Davao on the island of Mindanao. One of our sponsors there is also a dear friend named Lafayette Lim, or Yeti for short. His family is beautiful — not only his wife and children, but also his mother, brothers and sisters. We have grown to love them all.

Recently Yeti's beautiful sister Gaye died. We knew her well and cherish the short time we knew her. She was the middle of three younger sisters. The children all help their mother run the family businesses. When we put on conferences, the Lim family shouldered all the expense and work and Gaye was right in the middle of everything making it all work smoothly.

Yeti wrote a letter about the death of his sister. I read the letter through tears. I thought you might like to see faith, love and hope united and working in a real family in the real world. God bless the Lim family.

Click here to read the story. For my blog entry about our trip to the Philippines and visit with the Lim family, click here. You will also learn about the "stinky fruit."

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