Monday, July 16, 2007

Atheist Changes his Ideas

by Steve Ray on July 16, 2007

This story is from 2004 but will be interesting to many.

anthonyFlew.jpgNASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Antony Flew, a legendary British philosopher and atheist, has changed his mind about the existence of God in light of recent scientific evidence.

Flew — a prolific author who has argued against the existence of God and the claims of Christianity for more than 50 years — first revealed his change of mind in a video of a discussion with several others at New York University organized by the Institute for Metascientific Research. The video, released in December, is titled, "Has Science Discovered God?"

Flew said he is now best described as a deist — a person who believes God created the universe but is not actively involved in people's lives today.

"I don't believe in the God of any revelatory system, although I am open to that," Flew said in an interview for the winter 2005 edition of Philosophia Christi, the journal of the Evangelical Philosophical Society. "But it seems to me that the case for … [a] God who has the characteristics of power and also intelligence is now much stronger than it ever was before."

For the rest, click here. For the lengthy interview where he explains his decision and reasons, click here.