Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I just received this:

Son Jong Nam has been in prison and tortured severely for years just for being a Christian.  His wife was kicked in the stomach when 8 months pregnant.  She miscarried.  She later died.  Son Jong Nam is now on death row awaiting execution.

Unfortunately, many other Christians are facing severe persecution in North Korea.  They are sent to concentration camps which are said to be as bad or worse than those in Nazi Germany.  There they are starved, tortured, beaten and worked to death. 

The country is ruled by a madman, Kim Jong Il.  Almost 10% of the population has died or been killed in the last 15 years due to his ineptitude or oppression. 

Here’s a substantial act you can do for this brother in Christ suffering severe persecution:  Write to him.  These letters have been effective in securing release for persecuted Christians, and, at a minimum, give comfort and usually result in improved conditions. 

This website will allow you to compose a letter in Korean (be sure to remove the web link before printing by going to page setup and deleting headers and footers, because this can cause trouble): http://www.prisoneralert.com/qry/vp_writeletter.taf?pfilid=176&_UserReference=7F4BB641CD872E18469A8FDA&_nc=5f78cab8e226866bc9195279a3ab7801

Additional letter writing tips:  http://www.prisoneralert.com/vompw_writing.htm The letter will be sent via the North Korean Mission at the United Nations, so only regular postage is needed. 

In addition to writing, pray for him and his family. Don’t be lazy.  Help a hurting brother in the Body of Christ, in whose Body you are also a member.  What if this were you?  Or one of your family members?

More info can be found at these sites: http://www.cbn.com/CBNnews/192460.aspx , http://www.prisoneralert.com

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CWN Calls for Cardinal Mahoney’s Resignation

by Steve Ray on July 17, 2007

To restore credibility, Cardinal Mahony should resign
by Phil Lawler, special to CWNews.com

Jul. 17, 2007 (www.CWNews.com) – Five years ago Cardinal Roger Mahony was reportedly encouraging Vatican officials to ask for the resignation of Boston's Cardinal Bernard Law. Using the same logical arguments that the American prelate presented in 2002, the Vatican should now ask Cardinal Mahony himself to step down.

Mahoney.jpgThe sensational cost of the sex-abuse scandal for the Los Angeles archdiocese far exceeds the devastation in Boston. The $660-million legal settlement announced on July 16 is nearly five times the total of the financial damages in Boston. Combining that settlement with previous agreements, lawyers' fees, and other associated costs, the overall price to be paid by the faithful Catholics of Los Angeles will approach $1 billion.

Yet the monetary costs, grave as they are, still do not reflect the most serious damage to the Catholic faith. Only rarely do I agree with an editorial in the Boston Globe, particularly when the topic is the Catholic faith. But today's Globe editorial is on target:

In the eyes of victims, the scandal will never be fully resolved as long as bishops who put the interests of their fellow priests over the protection of children remain in positions of leadership.

One could– and should– go further. This ugly chapter in Catholic history cannot be closed until the Church rebukes those prelates who put their own interests ahead of the needs of the Catholic faithful and the Catholic faith. Cardinal Mahony is the most conspicuous example. Visit www.cwnnews.com for the full story.

  Frankly, I'm all for his resignation or whatever else it takes. I'd like to see a new archbishop in Los Angeles who holds, defends and teaches the full deposit of the Catholic faith. Isn't that his job, after all?

For a new article on why this is not just a Catholic problem, click here.


South Korean Courts: Life Begins at Birth

Ruling a "Social Defeat," Says Bioethicist

SEOUL, South Korea, JULY 16, 2007 (www.Zenit.org).- The South Korean Supreme Court ruled that an unborn child will not be considered human until the mother goes into labor.

This definition came in a court decision late last week that cleared a midwife of negligent homicide charges. For the whole story, click here for the AsiaNews article.

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