Wednesday, July 25, 2007

St. Irenaeus Speaks for Himself

by Steve Ray on July 25, 2007

FrGreen sm.jpgMeet St. Irenaeus — well, not really. This is Fr. Bernie Green from Tempe Arizona. But, he is the voice of St. Irenaeus in our new documentary Apostolic Fathers which we are finishing up this week.

(Click on image of Fr. Bernie and Steve for a larger picture.)

In June we came to Phoenix to work on the DVD and went to a Mass in Mesa where the priest denied the miracle of the Multiplication of Loaves and then ad-libbed all the prayers during the consecration. Janet and I were infuriated! I wrote the priest and bishop and my letter will be published in the next issue of THIS ROCK Magazine.

The next Sunday we went to Mass in Tempe Arizona and Fr. Bernie Green was the celebrant. I was ready for anything and sitting there all tensed up. But, Fr. Green was marvelous! He was strong, orthodox, respectful of the Mass, and gave a politically incorrect homily speaking against homosexuality while at the same time explaining we must love the sinner.

He said we had lost our masculinity and needed to regain it in the Church. Fr. Green has worked with the Apache Indians on the reservation and has a lot of other great achievements to his credit.

We liked him so much — and his English accent — that we asked him to be the voice of St. Irenaeus in our DVD. He did a good job and you will soon hear his voice quoting Irenaeus about Apostolic Traditiion, the primacy of the Roman Church, and more.

Also, notice his dog Pistol jumping up on me in the picture.