Flying out to Ignatius Press

by Steve Ray on August 2, 2007

ApostolicFathersCoverSm.jpgIt's still hot in my hand – right off the press, well, right out of the DVD burner! The Apostolic Fathers, Handing on the Faith is done and I am on my way to Ignatius Press to show it to them and get their final approval before we make copies for everyone else! Here is what the cover will look like.

I showed this DVD to family and friends last night. They all praised it as our best one yet. My daughter is a philosopher and her husband a theologian. They both said it was great. It is 93 minutes long, very fast-paced, full of information, humor, good music, interesting effects and bloody martyrdoms.

The Study Guide will be finished this week and I expect to have this DVD ready for delivery no later that October 1. I think it is our best documentary yet and my prayer and expectation is that it will make many Catholics confident and excited about the Catholic Church and it will also bring many others home. It will be a great gift for Protestants to help them understand their roots and why it is the Catholic Church that has the continuity all the way back to the Apostles. I am very anxious to get this one out there.

Update 8/4/07: Ignatius Press loved it! It is approved and going to captioning, printing and replication. I just finished writing the Study Guide – 28 pages!! Watch for this one some time in September 2007.

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Paul H August 3, 2007 at 6:03 PM

Hi Steve,

I can’t believe you aren’t getting more comments here, from people excited about this DVD. It is very impressive how you have dedicated a huge chunk of your time (including many travels) over the past few years toward this wonderful ten-part project. I have three of the videos so far (Peter and David/Solomon on DVD, and Moses on VHS), and I hope to get all of them eventually. I am especially looking forward to this one on the Apostolic Fathers.

Paul H August 3, 2007 at 6:07 PM

By the way, have you or Ignatius Press considered making these DVDs available at major online retailers like The only places I have been able to find them for sale are Ignatius’s web site, your web site, and various Catholic online stores (like I’m guessing that the DVDs would probably bring in less money per unit if they were sold on, and of course I am sure that they are expensive to produce, but it seems to me that you might sell quite a few more of them if they were available at and other major online retailers.

Just a thought, however please take into account that I have very little expertise when it comes to business — so this is just my perspective as an online shopper. :-)

John Nall August 4, 2007 at 11:10 AM

Hi Ray,
Thanks for all that you are doing for the Faith. We have a small group that meet once a week Sept.-June, called Understanding Our Faith. and have already shown a number of your “The Footprints of God” series. I have been listening to your “Finding the Fullness of Faith” CD which was excellent and in fact I gave it to my Pastor who by the way never heard of you or Scott Hahn. He thought the CD’s were great. We feel we are defenders of the Faith and right now we are replying to Editorals and Another view in our local newspaper and doing it with confidence and backing it with facts, dates, etc. I’m also in the hunt for your Revelation book which will hopefully answer some Rev. 17 & 18 questions or accusations by the Jehovah’s Witnesses towards the Catholic Church.
May the Peace of Christ be with you and your family.

John F August 4, 2007 at 12:50 PM

Hi Ray. This is my second comment. The other one got loss in computer la-la land. I want to thank you for all you are doing for the faith. We have a class which meets once a week from Sept.- June and we call ourselves “Understanding Our Faith”. We have shown 4 of your “The Footprints of God” DVD in our class. I have your “Finding the Fullness of Faith” CD which I love and in fact I gave it to my Pastor, who by the way never heard of you or Scott Hahn, who thought it was great. I’m in the hunt for your book on Revelation so I can respond to a book put out by the Jehovah’s Witnesses called “What Does the Bible Really Teach” which is talking about Rev. 17 and 18. I’m looking forward to your “Apostolic Fathers – Handing On The Faith”. May the Peace of Christ be with you and your family.

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