Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Radical Traditionalists

by Steve Ray on August 7, 2007

Steve:  I know that there are movements out there, many of whom I've probably never heard of, but this one has me stumped. Who ARE these "anti-Vatican II" folks?  What can you tell me about them?  Have you run into them before?

peterkeys.jpgDear Friend:  The radical traditionalists reject the Pope and anything after Vatican II which they consider an illigitimate council. They often sound convincing, but they are schismatics at their core. They have abandoned the Church and the Shepherd that Jesus appointed over his Church — the Pope. Many of them have appointed their own popes. It is sad and I can sometimes understand why they think as they do, but bottom line they are wrong and schismatics.
I learned long ago that any time you join an organization, a company, a political party, a church or anything else — there are always lunatics on the extreme right and the extreme right. The best policy is to identify the extreme right and the extreme left and stay as far away from both of them as you can. In that case, you are in the heart of the Church, right where Jesus wants you to be. 
These radical "traditionalists" have no joy. Notice any time you meet them. They are characterized by two things: they've lost their joy and the only thing they can talk about is the problems, Vatican II and Latin Masses. They are like piano players that can only play one note and it gets old real fast.
You can never go wrong staying close and loyal to the Pope and shunning schisms with all your energy. Follow the Pope and you can't go wrong.