Guess Who’s Having Fun?!

by Steve Ray on August 12, 2007

I love being a dad and I love being a grandpa too. For that matter, I love being a husband and a Catholic. And Sundays are great days for being all four to the fullest!

GrandkidsGolfcartSm.jpgClick on image for a larger picture.

Here we are on one of our adventures! We go exploring in the woods and today we found a snake (see the video here), an ant city, lots of birds, crickets to feed the tarantula (in my home office :-) ), frogs, a mouse nest, and lots of other things.

We also laid out on the ground on blankets after dark and listened to the coyotes and watched meteors shoot across the sky. We tried to figure out how and why God made such a big universe. He must be pretty amazing.

Of course Atheists deny that God created the universe, but it takes more faith to believe that this all came about by time + chance + matter/energy than it does to believe it was created by an intelligent and Personal Being . . .

. . . who made us personal in His image. Even a child knows a painting or piece of music did not get here by chance. The Intelligent Artists name is YHWH, the God of Israel. God is a good father and I want to be as much like Him as possible for my kids and grandkids.

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