The Obsessed Man Continues his Rant

by Steve Ray on September 20, 2007

Someone informed me that James White the Baptist was continuing his rant concerning my blog on the Assumption of Mary. The guy continues to take me far more seriously than I have ever taken him. He's really just a little man full of himself — an angry know-it-all who's really just a tempest in a teapot. The only reason I have ever responded to him in the past is for the sake of others reading the material. If I had nine lives I might waste some time refuting his latest rantings, but this time his preaching is not worth responding to. Let him prattle on. I have better things to do that to respond to every pontificating anti-Catholic that sets up a blog.

Tomorrow I leave to speak to 10,000 people at the Eucharistic Congress in North Carolina where MULTITUDES of Baptists are converting to the Catholic Church — and then we leave for Rome to lead a great group of folks on "The Footprints of Peter, Paul and the Apostolic Fathers" and then back to Israel with 100 pilgrims from Catholic Scripture Studies.

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Erik September 20, 2007 at 8:25 PM

James White doesn’t exactly make me laugh; it is he that made me realize that I cannot really convert the hard-core Evangelicals. These have to come home to Rome on their own accord.

The greatest day is going to be when James White finally reads history, understands it (he seems to have a problem with isogesis) and, realizing his mistakes, joins RCIA and becomes a Catholic apologist.

Wishful thinking, maybe! :)

tiber jumper September 21, 2007 at 8:22 AM

Your testimony and work has brought far more souls into the Church than Dr. White’s blog could ever pull out of the Church. But it’s not about numbers but truth. Ultimately, the Truth will set us all free. Thanks for the work you do.

Randy September 21, 2007 at 9:46 AM

Think of the parable of the sower. Some ground is just too hard. It needs to soften up a bit. Not just him but many of those that read his site are determined not to listen to the Catholic message. They listen to poke holes but do not REALLY listen. That is in huge contrast to so many Catholic apologists who have given protestantism every chance to convince them it is true.

Z September 21, 2007 at 10:12 PM

I don’t know that I want James White to become a Catholic Apologist. I think the man does more to turn people away from whatever he is promoting, simply because the number one thing he promotes is himself.

I have never, ever, ever seen a man who exudes a know-it-all attitude like him in the apologetics I have done.

It’s funny, because you can see he tries to correct this in his debates. One debate he sounds haughty, then the next, it seems as though he is trying to be overly polite…then you read his blog and the O.G. is back, post after anti-Catholic post.

He is a smart man, an intelligent man, and a man created by God, endeared with a soul.

However, after having done apologetics with these guys – and they are anti-Catholic much more than we are anti-Protestant – I have found it to be fruitless. The only reason I go on their blogs is to correct their constant snipes at Catholicism, in order that somebody may read their blog and think they are correct, simply because a Catholic did not reply.

Usually my venture into their blogosphere lasts about 2 days, then I feel like I’ve eaten nothing but McDonald’s, and now have to return to real food indeed.

Dozie September 21, 2007 at 10:54 PM

No Answer Will Make Sense

One of the major problems in America and in the world today is the problem of people raised in dysfunctional homes – that is, raised without any standard values or proper boundaries. These individuals seem to have no clue where the ‘moral majority’ is coming from. They are also more often than not the more vocal ones in the most radical sense. The breakdown we have in societal values as evidenced in the despise for marriage, culture of pornography, bad language, and the “me culture” is in no small measure the contribution of those who wish to level the playing ground – no rules and no outside authority outside of themselves. These are the individuals in the highest places of honor in public institutions. They are the gatekeepers of our cultural institutions – the media, etc. When I listen to their arguments for a moral free society and why religion is bad for society and why abortion should be a civil right, I often think to myself: what planet do these people come from? It is really hard if not impossible to reason to die hard liberals.

In observing James White and his form of rebellion and his seemingly autonomous religious existence (the man has never invoked any form of religious authority over him or made reference to any limitations his religion imposes on him and his public behavior), I cannot fail but make a connection between his approach in public discourse and the environment and values in which he grew up. This man simply throws himself out there and demands from all of us: “deal with me”. Should we? In a sense, like the radical left who grew up in dysfunctional homes, here must be an example of a radical right who was raised up badly and who inserts himself in the most obnoxious manner in conversations regarding a system he is incapable of understanding and insists that we must answer to him – provide him with a certain level of refutation. I do not think a Catholic has to. I have insisted that no Protestant (who is not a seeker) has a right to make any kind of demand on a Catholic for any kind of answer. The most appropriate response to James White then is to let his matter die.

This is why I love the Latin Mass tradition. Here is an aspect of Catholicism that is so foreign to Protestantism that the two have no language for communication. The Latin Mass tradition is “incapable (by conscious attitude) of understanding the language of Protestantism, let alone desire to engage it. This must be the way of Catholicism of the future.

Tom Nourse September 22, 2007 at 12:18 PM

What we should do is not even argue or debate with James White any more. Instead, take the time we would use to debate him or refute a point and spend that time in prayer for him. Only the Holy Spirit can change a heart, even though somehow we participate. And, James may not wish us to pray for him, but surely Jesus would want us to. God Bless!!!

 Steve Ray here:  I agree with you completely, but there are some innocent folks who might be influenced by such nonsense and it is good for them to see that guys like White and his kind are very easy to refute. If someone does not refute them, like saints have refuted heretics in the past, then others might think they cannot be refuted. Such petty, self-important know-it-alls need to be refuted so others don't fall prey to them.

Actually James White does more for good for the Catholic Church right where he is! I know many people that have become more convinced of the Catholic Church by listening to arrogant folks like him.

Z September 22, 2007 at 11:28 PM

Correctamundo, Steverelli.

Patrick September 25, 2007 at 10:41 AM

I see my other comment was deleted. Are there any serious-minded, thoughtful Catholics who will try to rehabilitate Ray's comments (since he isn't going to apparently) on this issue, or are pot-shots and condescending insults what you're all about?

Steve Ray here:

First, you know Patrick, you are rather humorous calling me condescending. Read your post above again and tell me who is condescending. When you live in a glass house you shouldn't throw stones.
Second, my blog is not made for debate. I did not delete your message, I just didn't approve it for posting. I don't approve hostile, arrogant, condescending or sarcastic comments with no purpose but to promote your own agenda. You can start your own blog for that. White won't let any comments be posted on his blog. I moderate comments. I have, however, supplied a Message Board which is open for discussion and debate.
Third, if I considered White important enough and I had free time with nothing to do on my hand, I would deal with his latest rant which I haven't even taken the time to read. I responded the last few times since I did have a day or so and they were interesting topics for me to expand upon.
Fourth, whenever one steps into a mud puddle with White one always feels the need of a shower. I took one last week and am now on to other projects more profitable and beneficial. However, if I have time this summer I may revisit his site and read his latest and edit my papers with Addendums to deal with his "critique."
Fifth, I will let White have the last word this time around since he will take it anyway. His website is really just a rage against everyone and everything and his manner is all most people need to see. Let the tempest in a teapot continue. He does more for the Catholic Church right where he is — he has my blessing.
So, thanks for writing.
Steve Ray
Mark September 25, 2007 at 7:02 PM


I am deeply appreciative of the article you wrote on the Assumption and Queenship of Mary in response to Mr. White. There are amazing insights in the article about about authority, sola scriptura, OT foreshadowing and other related issues. The study of the Sacred Page is, indeed, the soul of theology. James White may not have took note of it (he would rather talk about peripheral issues like Steve’s latest outfit) but I certainly benefitted from it and I have forwarded it to others as well. I encourage anyone who has not read it yet to do so:

Dan October 2, 2007 at 5:51 PM

I keep hearing of Calvinists like this one converting and they continue to speak highly of your work (Steve Ray), Keep up the good work.

By the way, I know its really hard, as James White can be really condescending, but dont stoop to his level. If your not careful people like James White can provoke a person to sin and we must take responsibility for our actions, so I suggest you stop the name calling back Steve, irrespective of the ad-hominen James White seems to regularly throw your way of late in particular. Take the moral high ground, offer it up!

God be with you Steve and I will try to remember to keep you in prayer.


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