Saturday, December 29, 2007

What Can Fit on the Head of Pin?

by Steve Ray on December 29, 2007

PinheadSm.jpgWe don't know how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, but now we know how many words of God can be inscribed on one.
Scientists at Haifa's Technion institute in Israel have inscribed the entire Hebrew Bible, complete with vowels, on a silicon surface smaller than the head of a pin.
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“Virtual Tour of Mary’s Life”

by Steve Ray on December 29, 2007

BethStar sm.jpgJoin us on a Holy Land Pilgrimage in 2008!! Click here for a brochure for the Pilgrimage in April!!

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To the right are pictures of the star marking the place where Jesus was born. It is under the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. Jesus was born in a cave and the church was built over the cave. Step into the Church here.BethChurch.jpg




How do we know this is really the place of Jesus' birth? I explain that here. Want to take a virtual video tour? Then visit my Virtual Pilgrimage page and scroll down to the days we visit Bethlehem.

You may also enjoy reading Did the Wise Men Meet the Shepherds? and a story of the Nativity accounts.

MaryDVD.jpgBethlehem is also featured in our on-location adventure DVDs Mary, Mother of God and Jesus, the Word Became Flesh. Order one or both before Christmas and receive a free copy of Steve Ray's talk "Defending the Eucharist."

Mary, Ark of the New Covenant, Do Catholics Worship Mary?, Did Mary have other Children? Assumption & Queenship

For our pilgrimages to the Holy Land in February and April and November 2008, click here.

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