Monday, January 14, 2008

Two Hours on Catholic Answers Live

by Steve Ray on January 14, 2008

Catholic Answers Live

First Hour: Apostolic Fathers
Second Hour: Open Line Q & A

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1)  How should we take the advice of the Church Fathers? What about the ones who left the Faith?
2)  Did any of the Apostolic Fathers comment specifically on the Eucharist?
3)  How did St. Jerome influence the early Church? Did he reject the Deutero-canonical books in the Bible?
4)  How did the Apostolic Father influence me in my conversion to the Catholic Church, especially regarding the Eucharist?
5)  Did the Church Fathers believe in the Immaculate Conception?
6)  What do we know about the ProtoEvangelium of James? Can we trust it?
7)  Is the directive in Scripture about coverings cultural or morally required for all times?
8)  How should we understand Mary's role in in Jesus' mission?
9)  How do we know that the words of the Church Fathers have not been corrupted or changed? How was the Passover changed into the Lord's Supper?
10)  What are Indulgences and how do diminish temporal sins?
11)  Is it safe to go to the Holy Land? Ann comments on her pilgrimage with Steve
12)  Is it OK to add water from the Jordan River into the baptismal font at church?
13)  What do the New Testament words "brothers" and "cousin" mean? How should we understand them related to Elizabeth and the brothers of Jesus?
14)  Can Roman Catholics be Free Masons?
15)  Was Ismael the father of Muslims and is Allah the same God Christians worship?
16)  Was Mary the host at Cana and what was in the water jars? What was Mary's role?
17)  Did the sin in Eden cause physical as well as spiritual death?


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