Thursday, January 17, 2008

Content of the Pope’s Protested Speech

by Steve Ray on January 17, 2008

The following is the text of the address that the Holy Father Benedict XVI was supposed to have given during a visit to Rome's Università degli Studi "La Sapienza", scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, January 17, and cancelled yesterday (English translation by AsiaNews). Click here.


Why Are Catholic Bibles Bigger?

by Steve Ray on January 17, 2008

WhyCathBiblesBigger.jpgWhy Catholic Bibles Are Bigger! If you are wondering why we have seven books in our Bibles that the Protestants┬áremoved from their Bibles, then you need this book. If you have been asked the question and don’t know how to answer, then you really need this book.

Gary Michuta is a top notch Catholic apologist and has written this timely book to definitively defend the Catholic canon of Scripture. You can see the book or buy it here. See more about Gary and his other book and his debate with James White, click here. Updated discussions are also on his website.

My blurb on the back cover says, “No book is more important than the Bible, and no question is more imprortant than what writings belong in the Bible. Controversy has raged since Martin Luther challenged the content of Scriptures. In this excellent book Gary Michuta has put the controversy to rest and provides an easy-to-read yet scholarly explanation and defense of the Catholic Bible.”

Many Protestant apologists take quotes of the Fathers of Church out of their contextual and historical context to make it appear that the early Church all rejected the Deutero-canonical books. But it is not that simple. I suggest people read Gary’s book for the whole story.