Hey, I Like Her!

by Steve Ray on August 29, 2008

McCain has chosen his running mate for Vice President. Sarah Palin is young, pro-life, a maverick and quite a woman. She has five kids. The fifth has down syndrome, which she knew before birth, but she said “When I look down at him I see perfection!”

Obama didn’t pick a woman but an old Washington insider guy. Obama picked the old white guy. This is great. Obama wants us to think HE is the maverick for change in Washington, but he chose a Washington insider for his Democratic running mate. It is McCain who has chosen a running mate from as far as Washington as you can get – from the backwoods of Alaska!

Sarah is strongly pro-life and belongs to Feminists for Life. She opposes same-sex marriage. She has a better than 80% approval rating as governor of Alaska. She fought corruption and won — causing crooks in Alaska to resign.

She is good looking too, having come in 2nd in the Miss Alaska contest. She puts a good face on the Republican party standing next to McCain. She is an outdoors women who used to hunt moose with her dad at 3 AM before going to school, has an Eskimo self-employed husband (world champion snowmobiler), is a Christian with a son being to Iraq in September.

I like her. She will offset McCain’s age. You can read all about her on Wikipedia here. For Fideli’s article “The Right Choice for Catholics, click here.

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Reidtgang August 29, 2008 at 4:45 PM

I just got excited about the upcoming elections.

What a breath of fresh air.

Brother Ed August 29, 2008 at 5:18 PM

I think its a great choice and certainly one that EVERY Catholic in this country OUGHT to support!! I am really, REALLY getting tired of “catholics” putting pro-abort politicians in D.C. Perhaps we need a steady litany of reminders from the bishops here that it is a MORTAL SIN to vote for a pro-abort. Maybe even a little reminder a la Jonathan Edwards’ SINNERS IN THE HANDS OF AN ANGRY GOD to remind these people just WHO it is that they are rebelling against when they blow off what the Church has to say on certain issues and what they are going to face for all eternity for leaving their Catholicism outside the voting booth!!!

That said, I must toss a bit of cold water on this happy moment. For a number of years we have had great opportunities to bring serious legal challenge to Roe v Wade, the most recent being when we had both a conservative majority in Senate, H of R, and the White House. Yet, as more than one blog I have read reminds us


So…..until I see these two in the White House and making a serious concerted legal effort to turn over the “murder on demand” applecart through bills presented in Congress, I must temper my delight with caution. It is time for the words to stop and some serious action to take their place!!

After we get that job done, then perhaps we can convince McCain and some of the good ole boys down there in DC that being a Christian means that war is a last option rather than a first in terms of human diplomacy. But — DC is such a sewer we should take one issue at a time.

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