Friday, September 5, 2008

Crawling to Mass

by Steve Ray on September 5, 2008

Young African woman crawls 2.5 miles to attend Sunday Mass
Olivia (Photo courtesy of AVAN)

.- The Little Sisters of the Abandoned Elderly in Chissano (Mozambique) took into their home this week a 25 year-old African young girl named Olivia, who despite not being baptized at the time and not having any legs, crawled 2.5 miles every Sunday to attend Mass.

According to the AVAN news agency, the nuns said that one day, they saw “something moving on the ground far away,” and when they drew near they saw, “to our surprise, that it was a young woman.”

“We were able to talk to her through a lady who was walking by and who translated into Portuguese what she was saying to us” in her dialect, they said.

The sisters said that although “the sand from the road burned the palms of her hands during the hottest times of the year,” the young woman crawled to Mass, “giving witness of perseverance and heroic faith.”

The young woman received baptismal preparation from a catechist, who periodically visited her at home.  After she was recently baptized, one of the benefactors of the sisters donated a wheel chair for Olivia.


Virtual Video of Pilgrimage Starting Saturday Evening

by Steve Ray on September 5, 2008

We have begun taking videos and pictures of the small Pre-pilgrimage group that arrived on Thursday. Starting today we will tour Acco, Haifa, and Caesarea. Archbishop Alex Brunett is not only a great bishop but also a wonderful man and a lot of fun.

Tomorrow the main group arrives making our group 83 people. Starting tomorrow evening I will be uploading videos to YouTube so you can join us on a Virtual Pilgrimage. You can watch them right here on my blog!