Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Honk if you’ve Had Enough of Rogue Bishop Malingo

by Steve Ray on September 9, 2008

From Canon Lawyer Ed Peters:

In 2006 Abp. Emmanuel Milingo was excommunicated for illicitly ordaining married men to the episcopate. Now, Abp. Milingo is traipsing through his native Zambia trying to get Catholic priests to agitate for an end to priestly celibacy in the Roman Church. The excommunicated archbishop assures clergy not to worry about ecclesiastical repercussions because “excommunication does not exist.”

Folks, I’ve had it with Abp. Milingo’s incessant eye-pokes against priestly celibacy. If you have, too, read what can be done about him: http://www.canonlaw.info/2008/09/honk-if-youve-had-it-with-milingo.html.