Our Governor Needs to go back to CCD Class

by Steve Ray on November 1, 2008

I am nauseated by my Michigan governor; I am blush with pride for our bishop.

Governor Granholm claims to be a Catholic and is the most pro-death abortion advocate in government who also promotes Embryonic Stem Cell Research (see my earlier blog on “stem cells“). Our new bishop confronted her.

Proposal 2 will be decided by Michigan voters: to legalize or not legalize Embryonic Stem Cell Research. She says YES; he says NO!

You can read Bishop Boyea’s bold response to her, even chiding her a bit for her ignorance and misrepresentation of the faith. You can read it here and his letter on the election and on Humanae Vitae here. As you will see, he has courageously spoken out on life and the election. Bravo!

Frankly, I am tired of bishops who are not speaking out and taking courageous stands for Life and Truth like their predecessors in the early centuries – willing to die a martyrs death for the truth.

I don’t know if this is true or not, but there is a story of a young boy and his father attending the consecration of a number of bishops. The kneeling bishops were obscured from view by the clergy filing past laying their hands on the new bishops and praying for them. The young boy leaned over and asked his father a question. “Father, what are they doing to the new bishops?” The father answered, “They are extracting their backbones, my son.”

This is sad but too often true. However, I must say I am proud of the good number of bishops including my own who this year have spoken out on the truth and the election. May God grant them courage to continue speaking out and to rally their flocks to live the fullness of the Catholic life!

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