Argh! I think I’ll move to Israel for 4 Years

by Steve Ray on November 5, 2008

Disappointed is not the right word. I think disgusted would better explain my emotion right now. And to think that many Catholics helped get this man elected. In Michigan “we” even passed a bill to allow embryonic stem cell research.

It is all the result of the poor public education and religious catechesis, the unrelenting leftist bias of the media, the disappointing performance of Bush, the sudden drop in the economy, the continuing unpopularity of the war in Iraq, the youth and hypnotizing eloquence of Obama vs. the age and stiffness of McCain, the dreadful loss of true religion and unforgiveable lack of concern for Life in our country — this is the perfect storm that has brought Obama to the White House.

If you own stock in Obama, now would be a good time to sell. He will never live up to all his promises — and after a short honeymoon period be prepared for a drastic drop in Obama stock. He will now appoint liberal, legislating, pro-abortion and anti-life judges to the Supreme Court (who will inflict us with their nefarious rulings long after Obama moves out of the White House). Will will have our taxes raised, our freedoms curtailed and opposition to prolife causes.

Batten down the hatches, gird up your loins, pray harder than ever, prepare your children. I am afraid America is quickly becoming a hedonistic and pagan nation and it may have gotten the president it deserves. Good night!

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Jim W November 5, 2008 at 2:06 AM

Imo, Obama is the/a precursor to the real Antichrist… Thank you Jesus for giving us the Catholic Church, especially in these times!

Volpius Leonius November 5, 2008 at 8:23 AM

Today is a day or mourning.

To think of the trials the founders of America went through only for their descendants to sell America at auction to the highest bidder.

Carlus Henry November 5, 2008 at 8:47 AM

Take Heart my brother….

We did not lose this one. Even though things did not go the way that we would have liked, they went according to God’s plan for us (Romans 8:28). If we were to understand His ways, He would not be God.

On a brighter note, I attended the Defending the Faith Conference this year. Due to the work of the Holy Spirit and your presentations, I look forward to this Easter Vigil of joining the Catholic Church.

God Bless you and your ministry…

Patty Bonds November 5, 2008 at 10:55 AM

I couldn’t say it better, Steve. I’m going to link to your blog on mine since I think you said it better than I would. Now is the time for those of us who love Our Lord, His Church, the sacredness of life and the sanctity of marriage and family to live our faith out loud. It’s Ephesians 6 time folks.

David L. November 5, 2008 at 11:26 AM

Well first of all let’s see what the President-Elect does once he gets into office before coming to such drastic conclusions. Obama won, not because we are a hedonistic and pagan country, but for the simple reason that poor McCain got saddled with the Bush Administration’s dismal record. McCain was in the same position Herbert Hoover was in back in 1932 or what incumbent William Howard Taft faced twenty years before that. A party that produces failure will inevitably be rewarded with failure by the electorate.

Furthermore, McCain ran a bad campaign. Had he selected one of his primary opponents as his running mate he might have remained competitive. His supporters resorted to negativity and in the end the McCain-Palin ticket had nothing to offer to the majority of American voters.

So here’s a suggestion to you Steve: Come home to the Constitution Party! You’d make a great candidate for Governor of Michigan and I’d change my residence to claim I live at the Fruit Stand on US12, just inside the stateline in New Buffalo Township, to vote for you!

When I was younger I was a Constitutional protester and even refuse to file an Income Tax Return because it was unconstitutional — as was the income tax, paper money and many other reasons. I wrote letters to every Supreme Court Judge, congressmen and Senator with pictures of aborted babies — all this was back in the 80’s. I have always been a “constitutionalist” and opposed Big Brother, big government.

Anyway, America is becoming a neo-pagan country and in my estimation is going the way of all great “empires” as they begin their descent from greatness. If you compare the work ethic, expectations from government, education and morality of the upcoming generation and compare it to even the generation of my parents (celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary next year), one cannot but conclude we are certainly on a slide down. I fear for my grandkids and I am not a melodramatist.

ThePol November 5, 2008 at 1:30 PM

It speaks volumes that our nation would elect someone like Obama. The only way we will elect leaders worthy of the name ‘leader’ is though prayer and sacrifice for the conversion of our own hearts and that of our nation. The next four years will give us many opportunities for doing so. May God have mercy on our country.

Light of the East November 6, 2008 at 6:14 PM

When Cortez discovered the Aztec nation, he discovered a people who would offer their children to their pagan “gods” in order to assure that the crops would be good the following year and that things would go well for them. In other words, the Aztecs were willing to ignore the rivers of blood of their own children to be sure that they would be able to live on “easy street”.

And HOW, pray tell, is that any different than the millions of voters this election for whom the PRIMARY CONCERN was not the rivers of blood of innocent children, but “the economy?”

We are,quite simply, nothing more than modern techno-pagan Aztecs.

Beatriz Grine November 6, 2008 at 6:44 PM

president elect Hussein Osama is what I call him.

May God have mercy on us.

Dan Weedin November 6, 2008 at 6:56 PM

I too am disappointed in the election. In Washington State, we passed an assisted suicide bill by nearly 60%. Horrible. That being said, this is not the time to wallow in self pity. We are called to continue the fight and be warriors. We can sit back and become worried…oh wait a minute Jesus said not to worry or be anxious…or we can continue to pray, fast, write letters, pray in front of abortion mills, evangelize, and love our brothers and sisters regardless of the mistakes they make. That’s what we are called to do. Ok…we lost the fight on November 4th. The battle still rages. Keep the passion for the cause.

Pam November 7, 2008 at 5:15 PM

Amen, Steve. Truly America has failed this last test from God. Where are treasures are so our our hearts. Obviously, our treasures are money, pornography and abortion. Not God’s precious infants. Heaven have MERCY on us. Now is the time to pray that we can love, forgive and show mercy to our neighbors who will soon be disheartened when they find out all the wealth, peace and hope did not come their way.

Light of the East November 8, 2008 at 3:16 PM

Here’s a great article!

“Barack Hussein Obama, staunch defender of a form of infanticide that Caligula would have found appalling, is now President of the United States of America, thanks to the votes of 63 million Americans. Why is it that despite my months-long dread of the impending Obama presidency, at the moment I feel nothing but an urge to suppress a howl of laughter at this absurd development?

During Obama’s long campaign for the White House no one was allowed to see his original doctor-generated Hawaiian birth certificate (if there is one), his applications to Occidental College and Columbia, his Harvard Law School application and his application to the Illinois bar (all of which would provide clues as to his origins), his college transcripts, his law school transcript, anything he ever wrote in law school, a list of the clients he has represented, or even his medical records.

He admits to habitual cocaine use in high school, and his associates include an unrepentant terrorist bomber and a convicted felon who gave him a sweetheart real estate deal before going to jail. One of his half-brothers lives in a hut in Kenya. His father had three wives, six sons and a daughter, about whom we know nothing. His aunt, whom he depicts lovingly in his memoir, is an illegal alien defying a deportation order while living in a public housing project in Boston. Obama claims he had no idea of his aunt’s immigration status, and he has returned the illegal campaign contributions she gave him. It appears his campaign received thousands of illegal donations from anonymous or pseudonymous foreigners.

Although no one is allowed to see his baptismal certificate (if there is one), this Muslim-named man of mystery, who had a Muslim father and a Muslim stepfather, was registered as a Muslim at his Indonesian elementary school, was instructed in the Koran and attended a local Indonesian mosque as a boy, now claims to be a follower of Jesus. That is, the customizable American Jesus who approves of abortion on demand throughout the nine months of pregnancy, which Obama has vowed to impose by federal law. In the predominantly Muslim nation of Kenya, Muslims are dancing in the streets to celebrate America’s election of this “Christian” as President, and the Kenyan government has declared a national holiday.

Small wonder. Only two years ago Obama traveled to Kenya to campaign for Raila Odinga, the Marxist radical who was seeking the presidency of Kenya with the support of its Muslim community after having spent eight years in prison for his role in a bloody coup d’etat attempt in 1982. Odinga’s and Obama’s fathers came from the Luo tribe, the second-largest tribe in Kenya, and Odinga identifies Obama as his cousin.

In 2007 Odinga signed a memorandum of understanding with Sheik Abdullahi Abdi, chairman of the National Muslim Leaders Forum, in which Odinga promised, if elected, to impose Islam as the state religion, to give Islamic leaders the right “to monitor activities of ALL other religions [emphasis in original]” to prohibit public preaching by Christians, and to establish Sharia courts throughout the country. (Washington Times, October 12, 2008).

During one of his many appearances with Odinga, Obama sounded a familiar theme: “Kenyans are now yearning for change.” They were also yearning for blood. After Obama’s cousin lost by 230,000 votes, his Muslim supporters went on a genocidal rampage, murdering some 1500 people, including 50 congregants of an Assembly of God church that was burned to the ground after they were locked inside.

The election of Barack Hussein Obama as President is, of course, a monstrous joke, as is the nation that accorded him its highest office. This bizarre election bears out, perhaps more than any other in history, the famous simile of Plato’s Socrates, who compares the mass of voters in a democracy—the worst form of government—to a wild beast the Sophist politician tames by learning “how it is to be approached and touched, and when and by what things it is made most savage or gentle, yes, and the several sounds it is wont to utter on the occasion of each, and again what sounds uttered by another make it tame or fierce…” Having studied the reactions of the beast, the Sophist pronounces good “that in which the beast delights and evil to be that which it dislikes…” (Republic, 496 b-c).

Like the Sophists of Athens, Barrack Hussein Obama has mastered the art of manipulating the beast with words and gestures having no connection to the reality of the Good. The boobish mass mind that elected him operated much like the mind of Lockean epistemology, assembling what Locke called “simple modes” into “mixed modes” comprising his version of human reason: “economy” + “bad” + “fix” + “need” + “change” + {“Obama” + “the change we need”} = “I-must-vote-for-Obama.” A man who said absolutely nothing of substance, but said it with consummate skill, has been elected on the basis of voter deliberations that were little more than animalic stimulus and response.

A few days before the election The New York Times quoted a retired Italian-American steelworker, age 71, who declared that “the economy now, it’s terrible” and “I’ve got to vote for him [Obama]. I can’t be stupid.” On the contrary, if he voted for Obama then he most certainly was stupid, and spectacularly so. For what could be stupider than a 71-year-old man who stands at the cusp of eternity, and is very probably a Catholic, voting for a slick-talking barbarian in a custom tailored suit because he has some vague instinct that the barbarian will do something or other to improve the conditions of his transitory retirement?

As for the Republicans, they were unable to overcome the powerful negative stimuli, brilliantly managed by Obama, that drove the beast in his direction. There was, first of all, Bush’s insane war in Iraq, which this newspaper was condemning six months before it began, but which the beast, then under the prodding of neocon Sophists, viewed favorably at the time. Only when the war was revealed even to the most obtuse Americans as a fraud and a debacle did the beast begin to kick against the goad—an aversion deftly exploited by Obama, who was able to make the beast forget that the war was, and is, a bipartisan effort.

But the most powerful stimulus that delivered the beast into Obama’s hands was the hocus-pocus of a suspiciously timed economic “collapse.” This collapse is largely the reverberating digitized impact of a loss of confidence in those illusory digital assets known as default credit swaps, invented and digitally traded by the “free market” in the interstices between government securities regulations. Never mind that it was the Democrats, led by Barney Frank, who unleashed Fannie Mae’s reckless lending in the 1990s—producing much of the low-grade debt that fueled the credit swaps—and that it was Frank who later insisted that Fannie Mae was a rock-solid institution and opposed any attempt to regulate its lending practices. Details, details. The beast has no memory beyond the last sophistical stimulus, supplied by Obama, who persuaded the beast that the “failed policies of the Bush administration” were somehow responsible.

And the pro-life issue? The beast did not care about the real world fates of real world infants slaughtered by the millions in their own mothers’ wombs. Abortion ranks very low on the stimulus meter since it happens inside abortion mills and is not shown on television. The 63 million members of the beast responded instead to the images on the screens of their plasma TVs, like the denizens of Plato’s cave, who gape at the shadows of puppets cast by a fire on the rock wall in front of them, oblivious to the sun outside. The beast fretted, not about the gravest of evils ever committed by a so-called civilized society, or the total negation of goodness, truth and basic Christian decency represented by the defender of infanticide they have made their leader, but rather the declining balances of their retirement accounts, the future of social security, and the amount of their weekly take-home pay. Removing the next tray of Nachos from their microwaves, they proceeded to their Barco-Loungers to watch The Game; and during the commercial breaks their reflexes were conditioned by Obama the Animal Trainer, who induced them to move toward his cage with various Pavlovian stimuli, including “The Change We Need” and “Yes, We Can!”

Obama is a consummate Sophist whose feigned sincerity is so accomplished that he actually is sincere. He really believes in his product, which is himself—an inspiring, transnational, meterosexual charismatic of a New World Order in which almost every male is a contracepted capon and a watcher of the screens that tell him what to think.

McCain, on the other hand, is a tired old Republican Party hack, a residual Christian of some sort who still recalls the days when people could follow a syllogism and even Democrats considered abortion unthinkable, but who, in the twilight of his own life, lacked confidence in what he was trying to sell, which is the fading memory of a nation whose electoral majority once exhibited a semblance of Christian morality. Today, if there were a national referendum on a one-day moratorium on abortion in exchange for canceling the season finale of “Dancing with the Stars,” it would be defeated by sizeable margin. The unborn never really had a chance. And this is so not only because the system that rules the beast is rotten, but also because the beast itself is amoral. Indeed, every measure at the state level to limit abortion in this election was voted down.

The time for outrage and fear will come soon enough, as the Obama administration takes shape and we are able to assess the full extent of his ability to do evil. Perhaps unforeseen circumstances will limit the harm, for which outcome we can only pray. For now, however, I can only laugh at the spectacle of 63 million fools electing this man based on the rhetorical equivalent of tinted steam, and this laughingstock of a nation that clownish patriots will continue to insist is the greatest in human history.

“But thou, O Lord, shalt laugh at them: thou shalt bring all the nations to nothing.” (Ps. 59:8). If we may say that God laughs at human folly, then we may say that He is laughing at the results of Election 2008. But God’s derision is inevitably followed by His chastisement. Like all the nations that have mocked Him and defied His will, this one will be brought to nothing. The current economic crisis is only a foretaste of what is coming. Unless it undergoes a miraculous metanoia for which every Catholic must pray, America, mass slayer of the unborn and exporter of “freedom” at the point of a gun, will pay the ultimate penalty for the divine contempt it has earned so many times over. And the longer God withholds that punishment, the greater it will be when it finally arrives.”


Stephanie Cousino November 8, 2008 at 10:30 PM

I just keep thinking that God must have a plan that we as Catholic Christians and pro-lifers don’t understand. Maybe he is going to bring this country to our knees in the next four years, or maybe this is the slope we will continue to descend upon until our Saviour returns. I was feeling so angry and frustrated that I as a 30 year old mother may never live to see a pro-life country again. However, a few days post-election, I had an awakening at my woman’s Miles Christi formation group. We absolutely need to pray to our Lord for Barack Obama and also say many Rosaries. Hearts can be changed and so I am going to pray that our future president, will by the grace of God, have a changed heart on abortion. I realize that this would take a miracle, but I am praying for one. If he signs the Freedom of Choice Act, the hospital I work at, St. Joes in Ann Arbor, could face trouble. If it is not in God’s will for Barack Obama to have a changed heart, then I pray that we have a huge Conservative movement comeback!! Keep praying!!!

Jer November 11, 2008 at 12:23 AM

I’m glad to see our nation finally elect an African American into the highest office of our land.

However, Obama is NOT the right man for this country right now. Sure, he could possibly restore our economy. And it’s possible he could do other good things.

However, Obama supports murder (abortion), has already announced he will rescind Bush’s policies to stop stem-cell research, and frankly I doubt his claims to being Christian. The church he came from is pretty darn sketchy in my opinion. And I can’t see how anyone who truly seeks to live after Christ can possibly agree to the pro-choice agenda.

The direction Obama could send our nation is likely to bring about the wrath of our great God. This nation will begin marrying same sex couples left and right, and we’ll not only start supporting abortions, but (as Obama supports) start funding abortions performed in other nations with our tax dollars!! The United States will become the country that funds legalized homicide. If we can’t see fit to extend human rights to an “unborn fetus” how can we possibly retain human rights for any person who becomes to ill to support themselves? I can just see it coming, folks like Terry Shivo will be murdered simply because the government will consider them no longer human, because “they aren’t really alive anyhow.”

God Save Us.

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