Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Great Time in Corpus Christi & Dallas

by Steve Ray on March 31, 2009

img_0506We are now in Dallas — after speaking three times in Corpus Christi at the Fullness of Truth conference over the weekend.

Here is a picture of me with William Albrecht, a Catholic apologist who can to the conference to spend some time with me. He is a good guy and a good apologist for the Catholic faith.

Corpus Christi is full of marvelous Catholics and we appreciate Ken Zammit and Joe McClane inviting us to join them.

img_0509Join us and Fullness of Truth in the Holy Land in February 2010 — contact Suzanne at 800-727-1999, ext. 121.

We are now speaking three evenings at St. Francis of Assisi parish in Grapevine Texas, a suburb of Dallas. TX.

img_05101On Sunday evening it was my “Conversion Story: From Baptist to Catholic“, on Monday “A Virtual Tour of the Life of St. Paul“, on Tuesday it will be “What Must I Do to Be Saved? Born Again? Faith Alone?

I am grateful to Tony and Dee McNoskey for all their help and assistance. It was great to also so those who have joined us on pilgrimages too

On Monday morning I went to 910 AM KATH and 850 AM KJON Radio, affiliates of Guadalupe Radio. It was fun working with General Manager Dave Palmer and volunteer Celina. They even put my picture up on their website!

img_0514Owners and managers Len and Toya were with me in Israel a short week ago. What great folks they are! And what stories they have of God’s miraculous hand with Guadalupe Radio!

Then Janet and I went to a new start-up Catholic High School called Our Lady of Grace. They watch my Footprints of God DVDs in class and I enjoyed talking with the students for over an hour.

I told them how blessed they were to have families that send them to such a wonderful school and how grateful they should be to be Catholics!

I also told them many of our stories of how God has done miracles in our lives — not only in our conversion to the Catholic Church, but also in our every day life as we serve the King.

After this I will be heading to Utica, Illinois to speak at St. Mary’s Church.

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