Friday, April 3, 2009

Soviet Propoganda Besmirched Pope Pius XII

by Steve Ray on April 3, 2009

Soviet propaganda fueled campaign against Pius XII: Jesuit journal
The persistent complaint that Pope Pius XII was sympathetic toward Hitler’s Nazi regime has been thoroughly undermined by historians, but the “black legend” persists. Writing in the Jesuit journal <i>Civilta Cattolica</i>, Father Giovanni Sale traces that legend back to Soviet publicists, who were eager to undermine papal authority and to distract attention from the Kremlin’s own earlier alliance with Hitler.


What is a Reformed Baptist — and Who Cares?

by Steve Ray on April 3, 2009

Patty Bonds, older sister of anti-Catholic, “Reformed Baptist” James White, comments on her brother’s religion which also used to be her’s. You can read it here. You can read her article “Triple Dipper” here. Nicely done Patty!

Patty’s blog would be worth keeping an eye on. She is a devout and passionate Catholic who has a witty and intelligent approach to life and the faith. Her blog is



by Steve Ray on April 3, 2009

From my friend and Canon Lawyer Ed Peters:

Britons, we are told, have downloaded some 100,000 “de-baptism” forms, and another 1,500 blokes have paid some $ 5 each for a “de-baptism” parchment. Presumably, people sign these forms and what, we’re not sure, hang them up on the wall or something.

A few thoughts on the “de-baptism” fad, beginning with: there’s no such thing as “de-baptism”: