Patty Bonds Acknowledges Her Friends …

by Steve Ray on April 15, 2009

…  here … despite the frenzied hysteria of her brother James White to the contrary. This will certainly, though unhappily, but somewhat entertainingly, stir up another of White’s ridiculous spectacles on YouTube which has been previously commented on here.

UPDATE: I don’t have time to waste listening to or watching a man’s obsession with me. It’s a little weird but otherwise not newsworthy. Others have told me that what I suggested is proving true — the  continuing and ever more emotional obsession. One thing that marks an obsessed person is their attempt to convince themselves and others that they are not really obsessed — while in the very act of doing so prove that they are even moreso. Obsession is even increasingly obvious when the “obsession” ignores the obsessed, making the obsessed even more obsessed. It’s gone on for several years (documented here). Curious to see how deep this actually gets — how far the obsession actually goes :-)  Should I expect a knock on my door some day? Humorous to hear about, but I have to be on to more profitable and interesting things.

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